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Life’s A Beach! - Beach Life - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2001 @ 7:59 p.m. PDT

Sun, sand and sex is what you can expect from Eidos Interactive’s new PC holiday simulation Beach Life. Based on a game concept by Ian Livingstone, Beach Life is being developed by Deep Red and is due for release in the summer of 2002.

Set in exotic holiday resorts around the world, players compete to create the most successful holiday experience. Build an Ibiza-like resort with hotels, bars, clubs, beach activities, water sports, set the prices and watch all the self-indulgent holidaymakers’ fun in the sun. As summer rolls on you will experience all the joys and the headaches of running a typical package holiday resort from romance and over indulgence to food poisoning and storms.

Ian Livingstone, executive chairman of Eidos says, ”Young people in particular have a lot of fun on holiday. It seemed to me the perfect experience to simulate in a game. Cheap booze, loud music, romance, polluted water, mosquitoes, hot sun, beach volleyball, etc will combine to create people-watching at its best. It’s up to the players to decide what kind of resort they want to create and the type of people they want to attract to it. Players will know instinctively how to play it. “

Clive Robert, managing director of Deep Red says, “This is just the kind of game that the world needs right now. It’s fun, light hearted and awesomely beautiful. It appeals to both males and females and plays on everyone’s desire to have their perfect beach holiday. Our specialist experience in this gaming genre is already beginning to pay dividends.”

Release date: PC - Summer 2002

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