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Techland announces CHROME & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2001 @ 10:29 a.m. PDT

The Latest Game from Techland delivers Tactical Action and Stunning Graphics! Techland, a Polish developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, after success of Crime Cities, announced today, that Chrome is in development for PC platform.

Chrome is a TPP/FPP tactical action game taking place on newly colonized planets of a distant star system. The player takes the role of an Interstellar Bounty-hunter, who performs various missions challenging both reflex and tactical skills. There will be an opportunity to execute missions in 10 different environmental locations, such as: tropical jungles, futuristic military bases, underground mines, orbital bases, severe moons, etc. Very often a success of a mission will depend on tactics, reflex and use of enemy premises and vehicles.

Chrome is an unusual story... Logan reaches Valkyria System at a moment, when a disagreement over the deposits of one of the planets starts. The conflict includes more sides than it seemed at the beginning. A peaceful resolution is not very likely. Situations like that can be very favourable for independent mercenaries working for those, that pay more. But sometimes money is not the only criteria for the right decision.

Chrome has an outstanding list of new features, including: huge locations, on which action takes place; an advanced level design; the first time such realistic visual effects in a computer game; realistic human, vehicle and other objects physics; biotechnical innovations of the 25th century like implants and stimulators diametrically changing characters' traits; organized and hard to anticipate enemy troops; and finally, a revolutionary multiplayer mode - enabling playing in a dexterity as well as tactical mode.

Taking the role of mercenary Logan, the player is armed with a massive arsenal including knives, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, plasma rifles, flame throwers and rocket launchers. Our hero is also given Implants, which can improve character's parameters (like accuracy, health, or speed), and Equipment, which includes flashlights, radar, sonar, med-kits, drugs (stimulators), various explosives & grenades, and other non-firing weapons, which can be used during missions.

Techland's Chrome is currently slated to arrive on store shelves in spring 2002!

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