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Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey - BoxShot

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2001 @ 5:23 p.m. PDT

Experience the dynamic range of combat aviation throughout history, from the intense machine gun rattle of early 20th Century fighters, to the high-tech Jet Powered combat of today you will hunt down the enemy of each Bird of Prey.
Director of European Sales for Xicat Interactive, Steve Brown said, 'We are extremely excited about launching Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey onto the PS2 format. This being our first title to launch on PS2, we really feel it fills a hole in the market for this genre of product. We had tremendous success with our first Iron Aces title launched on DC earlier this year, and have pushed the title on to ensure that we utilize all the benefits of the PS2 platform.'

The Game

Iron Aces 2 starts off as a WWII combat flight simulation. Since the missile did not exist at that time, pilots were forced to lock into deadly, close-quarters combat. Using tactical maneuvers, pilots flew within 400m of the enemy and fired with heavy machine guns. As you progress through the game you will travel through the history of combat aviation. The numerous missions are based with conflicts involving land, sea and air campaigns.

Game Play

Iron Aces 2 is broken into Campaigns and Missions. There are more than 35 missions that must be completed in order to finish the game. As you successfully complete each campaign you are advanced to a new mission as well as a new era. What gives this game an added dimension is the Free Battle Mode. This section of the game allows for the choice of opposing aircraft regardless of the era from which it originates. No other combat flight simulator currently available for PlayStation 2 allows you to fly, say, an FA18 Hornet against a P51 Mustang in air-to-air combat.

Key Features

More than 34 aircraft spanning the history of combat aviation. Over 35 combat missions with various target objectives. Fly modern day aircraft against vintage fighters. Contains more aircraft than any other flight simulator in the PlayStation 2 market. Iron Aces 2 fills a major hole in this type of Combat Flight Simulation arena. At this time, there are no other flight simulators of this type planned for the PlayStation 2 or any other format.

Graphics and Effects

No other Combat aerial simulation lets you actually climb into the cockpit of a Harrier or even a Spitfire to fly in the most exciting combat mission of your life. Iron Aces 2 lets combat erupt on land, sea, and air with all the action of an old fashioned dogfight. From a simple fly by to the artistic barrel roll, Iron Aces 2 will dish out whatever you can take. You can playback the action from multiple viewpoints as well, giving your memories of combat a whole new life.


  • Free Battle Mode allowing choice of opposing aircraft
  • More than 35 uniquely detailed airplanes
  • Only WWII based combat flight sim for PlayStation 2
  • Choice of aircraft spans all eras
  • Lush 3D graphics
  • 3 options of Gameplay
  • Take on every last carrier, submarine, air base, and warplane in the Pacific theater

Planned Release: 07/12/2001

About Xicat
Xicat Interactive is a worldwide leader in the interactive entertainment software industry. The profitable company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, USA, with offices in London, England and Zurich, Switzerland, the company publishes award-winning computer and video games for the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation® 2 game console, Nintendo® 64, Nintendo® Game Boy® Color, Sega® Dreamcast™, and personal computer platforms. Visit their Web site.

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