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3D Games Get Physical As Karma & Unreal Combine

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2001 @ 6:04 p.m. PDT

MathEngine and Epic Games today announced they have created a complete game development solution which incorporates MathEngine’s Karma physics into Epic’s Unreal Engine. The resulting engine offers professional game developers the ability to create new game worlds featuring objects with physics-based behaviour within completely realistic 3D environments.
Since May 2001, a team of MathEngine engineers has been working with some of Epic’s top development talent (including Unreal designers Tim Sweeney and Cliff Bleszinski) to integrate Karma physics into the Unreal Engine. The results, which expose most of Karma’s functionality through the Unreal Engine editor and allow for swift placement of physical objects within realistic 3D environments, were debuted at the recent ECTS (London, September 2nd-4th 2001) and received a great response from game developers from around the world.

“We initially approached Epic because we believed that a collaboration between our two companies could produce something special. However, even we were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional results we have achieved in such a short time,” says Mike Gamble, Business Development Director for MathEngine. “This is the future of middleware - companies working together to provide extended solutions for the development community.”

“The combined efforts of Epic and MathEngine have produced a technology solution that is immensely attractive to game developers, no matter what genre of game they are creating or what platform they are designing it for,” adds Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games. “The integration of Karma’s real physics adds an extra dimension to the Unreal Engine and we believe that the combined engine can be used to create games of almost any type. You want to build a basketball game? Unreal Engine gives you the court and Karma gives you the ball.”

Epic’s development team is so pleased with the results of the collaboration that they are jointly promoting the updated tools with MathEngine.

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