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Herdy Gerdy : Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 26, 2001 @ 2:05 p.m. PDT

Welcome to a world unlike anything you've experienced before. One where your every footstep could have an effect on the balance of nature, where animals have thoughts, feelings and personalities that you must learn to understand and influence. Welcome to the world of Herdy Gerdy.

The scene is set on a magical island that was created with the power of the First Acorn. The keeper of the Acorn is entrusted with the task of maintaining harmony across the land. In order to determine who is most worthy of the Acorn, a tournament is held every five years. The winner of the tournament is he who understands the balance of nature and is most capable of controlling the islands various species, thus ensuring peace reigns. Unfortunately for the island, Sadorf, a fiend with little regards for fairness and honour, has been repeatedly winning the tournament and abusing the Acorn's power to maintain a dark rule. Through his neglect, the island's creatures are running riot and chaos presides.

As the tournament approaches, the islanders have their fading hopes pinned on one man - Gedyrn one of the Master Herders. He is the only chance they have to finally reclaim the magic acorn, but disaster strikes. Having seen this threat to his reign, the evil Sadorf casts a spell upon Gedryn that plunges him into a dark sleep and prevents him from competing in the tournament. Unknown to Sadorf, Gedryn has a son. Discovering the fate of his father, the boy is soon to learn that the responsibility of winning the tournament now rests upon his young and inexperienced shoulders. The name of this boy - Gerdy!

Never before has a video game offered such depth and innovation: Herdy Gerdy's epic adventure features unique gameplay mechanics that are integrated within a vibrant world with its own delicately balanced eco-system and a rather unusual population. Herdy Gerdy's gameplay is based upon the reactions of the island's inhabitants to their environment and to one another. The reactions are numerous in their diversity, triggering a series of unpredictable and often amusing events. In order to become victorious the player must learn exactly what makes each animal tick, what they are afraid of, what they are physically capable of and ultimately how best to contain them.


  • Totally unique graphical style created by using hand-drawn textures throughout the game
  • Incredibly fluid character animation and an unparalleled level of detail
  • 35 expansive environments each with their own distinct graphical style
  • Learn to control 12 different creature sets all with their own intelligence, thoughts and feelings. Protect them from the environment and from one another.
  • A variety of herding tools and clothing that Gerdy must uncover to aid his quest. Herding tools increase his influence on creatures and clothing grants him new abilities such as jumping, swimming and climbing.
  • Absorbing storyline conveyed through the use of cinematic cut-scenes
  • Interaction with a range of eccentric characters and creatures throughout the game.
  • High quality voice acting for all characters
  • Intuitive game controls and gradual learning curve
  • Full surround sound with atmospheric music and sound effects
  • Hidden secrets
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