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Major Update to ‘World War II Online™’ Kicks Off Battle of Blitzkrieg

by Rainier on Oct. 30, 2001 @ 3:54 p.m. PST

Strategy First, and Cornered Rat Software announced today the release of a major update to the best-selling MMOG, World War II Online™. The update, available at no additional cost to everyone who purchases a retail copy of the game, brings new player-controlled strategy, character advancement systems, an all-new version of the 3D game world and many other features.
Integrated Rank, Mission and Strategic Systems

The new version lets players gain rank with their allied and axis characters by successfully completing offensive and defensive missions. Each character begins with a rank of Private and can gain points towards higher ranks. Higher-ranking characters can post priority missions utilizing higher-value equipment and weapons. Players can track the careers of all characters through web-based scoring pages including combat effectiveness details. The new mission system also introduces vehicle and weapon limits to the battlefield, adding important new strategic elements- all controlled by players in the persistent game world.

“Now we’ve added the systems for players to take control of the strategic outcome of the conflict in addition to the vehicles and weapons that engage on the battlefield. It sets the stage for players to rise in rank and possibly become battlefield commanders in the historic setting of World War II”, says Producer Chris Sherland.

Upgraded 3D Environment

This release brings an entirely new version of the largest online 3D game world available in an MMOG. The Blitzkrieg theater, the first of several theaters planned, lets players engage in combat on a ½ scale map of Western Europe including France, Germany and parts of Great Britain. The new version adds even more 3D objects including significantly more ground cover for troops and armor. The addition of more enterable buildings and landmarks also provides players with even more combat areas all of which are positioned with historical accuracy for the time period.

Performance Enhancements

Since the release of the game in June, the development team has been working to increase player capacity and bring performance enhancements to the game.
The goal has been to increase frame rates, reduce load times and eliminate other technical issues. This release, along with several previous patches, has resulted in significant performance increases and stability reported by players with wide-ranging systems.

‘Win More Than The War’ Competition Announced

To kick-off the newest release, Strategy First and have announced a competition for the World War II Online™ community. Each week the top performers on the virtual battlefield will win copies of great game titles like ‘Sudden Strike™’, ‘Cossacks™’ and ‘Empire of the Ants™’ with a grand prize of an AMD 1.3Ghz computer.

“We’re set to give away great prizes to the soldiers who are the best of the best on the virtual battlefield of World War II Online™”, says Christina Ginger, Public Relations Manager for Strategy First.

Further information on the contest, free trial and World War II Online™, please visit or the official website at

“… it's a trip loaded with a lot of great moments.”

“… with the 1.30 update, it's so much improved that in many respects it's a totally new experience.”

-Computer Games Online, October 2001

More on World War II Online™- Blitzkrieg

Version 1.3.0- October 15, 2001 New Mission Features

  • Mission scoring now takes into account the health of the facility you are defending or attacking when tallying results.
  • Mission scoring now includes, mission priority, number of damaged and killed enemy units, the value of those units and if you returned to base safely.
  • Vehicle availability tied to state (contention) of spawn facility (spawn limits).
  • Vehicle availability limited by spawn facility resources (spawn limits).

RPG Features

  • Rank points accumulated through participation in successful missions.
  • Higher rank provides ability to post higher priority missions worth more points to poster and participant.
  • Higher rank provides access to higher value equipment.

First Person Shooter Enhancements

  • Updated collision models.
  • Revised damage model extends character life at reduced capability.
  • Revised trooper commands and states streamline operation and overall gameplay.

Updated Terrain

  • Greatly increased concealment/cover objects (trees, bushes, grasses).
  • New enterable buildings.
  • New ground textures.

New Vehicles

  • Bristol Blenheim Mk IV Allied Light Bomber.
  • Bf110-C Axis Heavy Fighter.

Upgraded Defensive A.I.

  • Defensive guns target enemy trucks more aggressively.
  • New AI rebuild-system tied to facility capture, not city contention.

Performance Improvements

  • Significant increases in frame rate.
  • New in-game terrain loading/unloading scheme.
  • Reduction in connection and CTD errors.
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