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Halloween Heralds The Start Of The Anarchy Online Story Line

by Rainier on Oct. 31, 2001 @ 12:11 a.m. PST

On October 31st 2001, Anarchy Online will bring a new dimension to online gaming with weekly episodes tying a dynamic story with new and evolving game content. The launch of the first story episode of the highly successful MMORPG will bring new players into the persistent Universe and provide existing players with a whole new experience.
"I think our players will be surprised by how we're going to introduce and build on the story." Quoted Ragnar Tørnquist Story writer and co-story Director for FunCom. "New locations and zones, cities, dungeons, quests and new characters will be added on a continuous basis, together with in-game events and a storyline that's communicated outside the game"

The episodes unfold into an amazing tale, and one that will not be solely about the armed conflict between Omni-Tek and the rebel clans. It will also revolve around spirituality, life, death, love, comedy, tragedy, and friendship - this is a very diverse tale with unique twists and turns.

Though the story will build and evolve, changing the world of Rubi-Ka in the process, it will not be difficult for new players to enter the game after the story has started. The Anarchy Online web story-portal will also provide background and a timeline for players to familiarise themselves with what's happened.

The size of each episode (in the standard format) will be approximately 150MB. Additionally, each episode will be separated into five acts: This means that, in addition to downloading the whole episode in one go, players can also opt for the (five times) 30MB segments. Additional sizes may also be made available, if there's demand for it.

For players who do not have the bandwidth to download large amounts of data, a picture-book version of each episode will be created and posted on the story-portal. Frames will be extracted from each episode, accompanied by the written script. This will be a low-bandwidth alternative to the video.

For more information on the forthcoming story please go HERE

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