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Rayman M to bounce its way onto Xbox

by Rainier on Oct. 31, 2001 @ 5:41 p.m. PST

Rayman M in development for Microsoft's new console. Experience head-to-head trials in real time with Rayman® M, the brand new game from the Rayman series set to appear on Xbox in 2002.

Ubi Soft continues to widen its Rayman product range with original, qualitative and innovative game titles developed on next generation consoles. Xbox is an obvious choice for Rayman; the console gameplay translates perfectly onto Microsoft's powerful new machine: the richly detailed worlds and colourful characters, the bewitching sensations and fast-paced action of Rayman games will look completely enhanced as they take full advantage of the 128-bit graphics.

Created in 1995, the famous character is even more popular today. But what is special about Rayman M on Xbox? It brings the new dimension of multiplayer to the Rayman world, the pure addictive gameplay sensations to the Xbox console.

As the first true multiplayer Rayman episode, Rayman M comprises of two game modes: a deathmatch shooter and furious foot races. 30 levels divided between 12 tracks, 12 arenas and 6 bonus levels, with tracks and arenas unlocked according to victories in a bid to manage the player's learning curve. They can choose to play either as Rayman, or other characters such as Tily, Globox and the Teensies. In Rayman M every competitor has the same running, jumping, climbing, sliding, flying, and shooting powers as Rayman, but every character has his own remixed music…only those who emerge victorious will be able to swamp the game with their music theme! To win, players must not only be quick and agile, but also smart, setting traps for adversaries and taking the necessary risks in intense battles to come out on top. With diligent practice, players will discover all the techniques and tricks to keep going faster and beat adversaries. Finally, elements such as bonuses, traps, and special objects, will lend a frantic party pace to the mix.

The Xbox version will feature emphasized graphics and fluid action courtesy of the 125 million polygon processing power with 1500 faces per character, complex shadows, new lighting process and more. Playing alone to train or up to 4 players for pure competition, the Rayman universe just got a whole lot bigger on Xbox!

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