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Creature Labs' Aritificial Intelligence Toxic Shock

by Rainier on Oct. 31, 2001 @ 5:51 p.m. PST

Creature Labs today announced the launch of an ingenious on-line e-commerce initiative entitled the Creatures Labs Shopping Mall that enables consumers to purchase and download new breeds of artificial intelligence Norns at £4.99 each.
Following the recent nomination for Creatures Docking Station in the Interactivity category at this year's BAFTA Interactive Awards, Creature Labs have just launched two new Norn expansion packs that can be downloaded from their website for only £4.99 each British Pounds Sterling (or $7.99 US Dollars).

The Toxic Norn Pack and Treehugger Norn Pack, is the latest in the series of downloadable artificial intelligence Norn breed packs.

  • Toxic Norn
  • Treehugger Norn
  • Hardman Norn
  • Bondi Norn

"The Creatures Shopping Mall is an effective way for fans of the Creatures games to get the latest new breeds to download at the touch of their fingertips," says Chris McKee, MD of Creature Labs. "The Toxic Norn Pack and Treehugger Norn Pack are virtual add on packs that will only download into your hard-drive if you have already purchased previous Creatures PC CD-Rom games like Creatures 3 and Creatures Internet Edition, or have downloaded the Creatures Docking Station on-line game."

Toxic Norns is the latest in the series of £4.99 download packs. Each pack features unique Norn breeds that have their own personalities and incorporate features that can be directly linked to previous Creatures games including Creatures Internet Edition and Creatures 3. They come from a world inhabited by a seething mass of organisms, all striving for existence. The remains of the fallen accumulate to feed the needs of the living. The Toxic Norns have mutated and evolved in this unsavoury environment.

They have developed advanced immune systems, and command the ability to gain immense nourishment from the waste products that are freely available. Toxic Norns come equipped with a selection of objects to help them adapt to a relatively clean environment: plants that grow horrendously smelly fruit; fungi that attract swarms of insects; and a novel toy that flings out decaying plant matter in all directions.

Treehugger Norns - are fragile nature loving creatures who enjoy interacting with plants, animals and insects instead of interacting with other creatures. The Treehugger Pack features the Quirky Cookie Machine; a device that enables the player to create unique cookies from ingredients found on both the Creatures 3 Ark and the Docking Station.

Also available are the Bondi Norn Pack and Hardman Norn Pack for Docking Station or Creatures 3. Bondi Norns sleep a lot and are generally very laid back which means they have no aggression and they hardly suffer from stress. Hardman Norns are much more hardy than other Norns and they also have greater resilience to the threats of both Grendels and bacteria.

"The purchasing power for the new Norn packs is uniquely on-line because the delivery of the new breeds is purely by electronic download," adds McKee. "As well as creating new enjoyment for existing Creatures users, these add-ons will also stimulate new sales of Creatures games by broadening the users' experience."

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