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PC Preview: The Rage

by Rainier on Oct. 5, 2001 @ 8:04 p.m. PDT

One of Midas's upcoming titles is a little 3D Beat'm Up sort of game ... For being a budget title it has caught my attention and was actually loads of fun to play ... and looks quite decent .. i have seen full price titles that were a lot worse than this .. check out the preview and screens ...

A lead pipe, baseball bat, a knife and several other weapons are at your disposal to get rid of tons of villains... use garbage cans, totally demolish cars or break down phone booths ... its all good ... as long as you get to the end of the level and face the boss character ... and whoop his ass as well ... dont be fooled by the cute busty chicks, they are as evil as your mother in law and deserve a good beating. There are punk rockers, big fat ass farmers, skaters, body builders and several other types of scum of the earth...

The camera controls and the lighting effects are the impressive part of the games ... in the wake of classic titles such as Double Dragon or Street Fighter "The Rage" allows you go head to head with the ennemy and beat their head in. You can play it with up to 4 people and network mode is included.

I would say this is quite a lot for a low price title and the music score is fitting.

This game is LOADS of fun ... and for a being at budget price ..


System Requirements:
Pentium 133 CPU
Windows 95/98
Double Speed CD ROM Drive
168 MB Hard Drive Space
Direct X Compliant 1MB SVGA Video Card

Used system

P3 1.000 / 512mb Ram / WinME Guillemot 3D Prophet Geforce2 Pro



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