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THQ To Publish 'Dark Summit' On GameCube

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2001 @ 7:07 p.m. PDT

THQ Inc. today announced plans to publish "Dark Summit(TM)," the first ever mission-based snowboarding title, on Nintendo GameCube(TM). The game is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2002 and will be the first action-adventure snowboarding title available for the new system.

Developed by Radical Entertainment Ltd., "Dark Summit" will immerse GameCube owners in a completely unique experience. "Dark Summit" is the very first action-adventure snowboarding game that features an in-depth story line and a series of mission-based objectives. As the game's main character Naya, a rebellious female snowboarder, players will encounter a variety of diverse challenges such as escaping an angry ski patrol, jumping gaps and performing death-defying, high-flying maneuvers.

With more than 45 challenges on massively sized runs, players must earn points to reach the top of the mysterious summit. It will take every ounce of strategy and skill to defeat the crafty Chief O'Leary, who will stop at nothing to protect Mt. Garrick's secret.

"Nintendo GameCube will be a major focus for THQ in 2002," said Brian Farrell, Chairman, President and CEO, THQ. "An original title such as 'Dark Summit,' with its revolutionary game design, will be a welcome addition to the software library of the system's early adopters."

About "Dark Summit"

"Dark Summit" takes place on Mt. Garrick, a once quiet and peaceful ski resort where snowboarders have never felt welcome. Chief O'Leary has led the charge against boarders and limited their access to certain sections of the mountain. Now he has mysteriously closed the summit to all boarders and is trying desperately to drive them off the mountain altogether. Gamers will shred and jib their way through this suspected conspiracy on several massive runs. As Naya, players will work to earn lift and equipment points to unlock restricted areas of the mountain in order to discover the true secret behind "Dark Summit."

About THQ

THQ Inc. develops and publishes interactive entertainment software worldwide for a variety of hardware platforms including PC CD-ROM, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo and Microsoft. The THQ Web site is located HERE.

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