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Wireless Dual Force 2 Controller for PlayStation 2

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2001 @ 7:26 p.m. PDT

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., formerly GTR Group Inc., a leading manufacturer of video game accessories, today announced the addition of the 900 MHz Wireless Dual Force 2 Controller for PlayStation 2 to its full line of accessories. The Wireless Dual Force 2 is the industry's most powerful wireless controller to come to market. It will be available in stores in October, in time for the holiday buying season.
The new generation of video game systems equipped with DVD players are more likely to be found in the family room or living room than in the bedroom or basement, creating new issues of distance and aesthetics. Mad Catz's solution to unsightly cables in the main family gathering room is a wireless controller that exceeds the needs of gamers without creating a tangled mess.

Earlier wireless controllers utilized infrared technology (IR) similar to what is used on standard VCR remote controls. If the infrared controller is pointed away from the system, or if the signal is blocked by a person walking in front of it, the game will freeze. The Mad Catz Wireless Dual Force 2 overcomes this problem by utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology comparable to high-end cordless telephones. It does not rely on line-of-sight and can even be used from an adjoining room.

"In keeping with our mission to create the industry's most innovative controllers, the Wireless Dual Force 2 controller enables players to maximize play time without being tied down by short cables," said Darren Richardson, president and COO of Mad Catz, Inc. "The controller's sleek design and no line of sight issues make for consistent, continuous play even at a considerable distance from the console and television."

The Wireless Dual Force 2 controller includes a recharging cradle, can be charged for five hours of extended play and doesn't require batteries. It features analog pressure sensitive action buttons, a D-pad, dual analog joysticks, rubberized grips for superior handling and power macro buttons for programming special moves.

The controller also features three play modes for total control in any game (Analog, Digital and Steering Wheel) and built-in dual vibration motors for a more pronounced, realistic gaming experience. Its dynamic channel searching capabilities allow eight wireless controllers to be used simultaneously, without play interruption.

The Mad Catz Wireless Dual Force 2 controller will be available from select retailers at the suggested retail price of $59.99.

About Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., designs, develops, manufactures and markets a full range of accessories for video game consoles and PC gaming systems. Mad Catz is a worldwide leader of innovative peripherals in the interactive entertainment industry. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Mad Catz has offices in the U.S. and Asia, as well as distributors in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

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