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This Week's Divine Divinity Update ..

by Rainier on Nov. 1, 2001 @ 7:55 p.m. PST

Up this week are the "Spells" in Divine Divinity .. a few new screenshots to show you some of the magic going on in the game ... Needless to say that the SPELLS are of HUGE importance in an RPG, so pay attention ;) ... Njoy
'You may or may not know already but there will be 96 skills to learn, divided in three ways: The way of the warrior, the way of the survivor and the way of the wizard. Each way also contains a special move. Regardless of what way the player starts in, he can always learn skills from the other ways.'

As a result of the above statement on , an overwhelming amount of request for more information and screenshots about the skills in Divine Divinity have come through this week. Below 5 new screenshots of the basic elemental spells in action. One thing the above statement forgets to mention is that 96 of these skills can be levelled up 5 times to increase effectiveness. 96x5=480 skills in total to level up!!!!!

Shows an elemental bolt in action. Although this screenshot does not do it justice, you will be in for a treat when you see in action. It is a homing ball of pure elemental energy that chases your enemy


Gives you an idea of how deadly cold spells really are. First it immobilizes your target and renders him in a paralyzed state, now it is up to you how to perform the coup de grace


Lightning bolts are cool, especially at night (yes there will be day and night cycles in the World of Divinity), not only does it pack quite a punch to your enemies but it will also temporarily stun them giving you a chance to run for the hills from larger stronger enemies.


Elemental Showers are not something you get down at your local gym, instead it is the power of the elements combined raining down on your foes incinerating them to a pulp.


The all common fireball, it really needs no introduction.




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