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Rayman M. Developers Biography

by Rainier on Nov. 1, 2001 @ 8:40 p.m. PST

Rayman M is the stunning new title from Ubi Soft that has us all panting ... Eagerly awaiting the final release we decided to stake out some of the developers. We managed to asked them a few silly questions and of course .. got silly answers ... Njoy
  • Alain Bedel Leader Info Design
  • Arnaud Carrette Project Manager France
  • Davide Soliani Lead Game Designer
  • François QUEINNEC 3D & Special Effects Programmer
  • Jean-Christophe Guyot Game Designer
  • Jean-Marc Geffroy Artistic supervisor
  • Marc D'Souza Game Designer
  • Riccardo LENZI Project Manager Italy

Alain Bedel - Leader Info Design

Age : 32
Studies : computer science
You like : walking, creating music, teaching
You dislike : inertia,
Favourite game : heart of darkness
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : March 1997
How & why did you enter UbiSoft : I wanted to create game game and game . I sent two demo games and propose a game concept. I did my first game at 17 years old which took me two years (tool+engine)
You are talented in : finding simple ways to make games

Arnaud Carrette - Project Manager France

Job I wanted to do when i was a kid : Architect, Veterinarian, Fireman, Broker (during 2 days).
Job : Project Manager (It looks like i failed).
Age : 27
Blood Group : Hot during Conception; Cold During Debug...
What You like : Having the new records of Rayman M; Paying developers in order they prepare confidential cheats for me; beauty; making silly jokes; Provence and Pastaga.
What You dislike : losing, and most of all losing on Rayman M...
My Life : Born in 1974, moved 14 times from a city to another, learnt classical piano in conservatory, stoped conservatory because was playing Mozart ala Jerry Lee Lewis, Played Jazz with a group....then played Jazz alone ! at the mean time studied; entered Ubi Soft, Managed Rayman 2 on Dreamcast...
My Dreams : Making a Rayman M 2, in a new production site in "Provence" with pastaga and a black steinway and son concert piano in the office"...

Davide Soliani - Lead Game Designer

Age : 28
Studies : Visual communications and cinematography. Conservatory of classic music.
You like : Games, gardening, milù.
You dislike : Short Time, the WAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO effect
Favourite game : Zelda.
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : July 1999
How & why did you enter UbiSoft : I became interested when they opened an office in Italy. In italy we have only few possibility/ I love videogames.
You are talented in : avoiding questions.

François Queinnec - 3D & Special Effects Programmer

Name : François "Jeff" Queinnec
Job : 3D and Special Effects Programmer
Age : 28
Class : Megalomaniac rock guitar player with programming skills
Weight : Beyond Limits
Likes : Guitars, Girls, 3D Programming, Movies...
Dislikes : ... Everything else ...
My Life : Born with a guitar in one hand, and a computer in the other one. I Started programming at 10... and started to understand what I was doing at 20! Entered Ubi Soft in 1998... Graphical and SFX programmer on Rayman2 N64, SFX programmer on Rayman2 Dreamcast, Graphical and SFX programmer on RaymanM PS2, rockstar in two years, should take over the world in about ten years...
Favorite games : Puzzle Bobble, Rayman(s), Sonic, Diablo

Jean-Christophe Guyot - Game Designer

Age : 27
Studies : computer graphics
You like : icecream and strawberries (but not strawberry icecream)
You dislike : being killed, injured or mistreated.
Favourite game : Rabbits
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : Work?
How & why did you enter UbiSoft : : I applied for a graphist job and my resume was lost, later they called me and asked if I was interested in becoming a game designer.
You are talented in : not so many things.

Jean-Marc Geffroy - Artistic supervisor

Age : 32
Studies : fine arts
You like : my family, art museum, Italian pasta, French wine, Swiss chocolate, Spanish paella, German sausage,
You dislike : deadlines, frame rate issue
Favourite game : Naughty Dog games, Rogue Spear, Zelda, Age of Empire, playing with my children
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : June 1994
How & why did you enter UbiSoft : After my studies, I wanted to work in creative area, where cutting edges technologies and entertainment were mixed, the videogames industry was exactly what I was looking for. Ubi Soft was developing a new production studio in Paris, so….
You are talented in : Mmmh… opening bottle of very good French wine, cooking italian pasta, eating Swiss chocolate, etc.

Marc D'Souza - Game Designer

Age : 0001 1011
Studies : mmm… let me think…
You like : Short, fat, Italian plumbers
You dislike : routine
Favourite game : hide & seek
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : I don’t work… I play.
How & why did you enter UbiSoft :: Through the door… It was the easiest way in…
You are talented in : Answering questions I wasn’t really asked…

Riccardo Lenzi - Project Manager Italy

Age : 28
Studies : economy and organization
You like : novels, comics, movies, RPGs , beer, cats… and all their possible combinations
You dislike : wandering monsters
Favourite game : Zelda
When did you begin to work in the Videogames Industry : January 1999
How & why did you enter UbiSoft : I lied / It was cold outside
You are talented in : white and gray magic

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