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Xicat/Lost Boys announce Black Belt Challenge

by Rainier on Nov. 12, 2001 @ 6:48 p.m. PST

Black Belt Challenge is an original and enjoyable one-on-one Fighting Game for the Game Boy Advance. Featuring unique characters, intuitive controls, countless moves to master and various addictive game modes, it is a phenomenal handheld fighting game.
Steve Brown, Director of European Sales at Xicat Interactive commented, “We are extremely excited to have secured this excellent GBA title from Lost Boys games. This is just another step for Xicat in forging relationships with renowned development houses to provide quality gaming experiences.”

Your quest is to fight for lost pages of the Book Of Zero. Once completed, this book will reward the holder with the ultimate powers. As a player, your choice of character will determine your motives for gaining possession of this book. Do you want to own it in order to use the powers in your evil plans to take over the world, or will you fight tooth and nail in your heroic and noble quest to prevent this book falling into the wrong hands? What’s it to be? Good or evil? Choose your character and begin the quest.

“Xicat is a young and ambitious company, with very clear aims for the future” added Martin de Ronde, Commercial Director of Lost Boys games. “They have a strong and far-reaching distribution network, and we are confident that they will provide Black Belt Challenge with the sales support that this original title fully deserves.”

Key Features:

  • Original title created exclusively for Game Boy Advance
  • Compete to collect the missing pages of the Book of Zero
  • 11 vibrant backgrounds set the scene for each bout of fast paced fighting action
  • Accurate and Intelligent AI
  • A total of 11 unique characters to play as and exchange blows with.
  • Colourful, comedy animated style characters with super smooth animation, designed in a super-deformed style
  • Secret unlockable characters
  • Numerous special moves to master
  • Various different game modes including 2-player clashes via the GBA Game Link Cable
  • Game Modes:
  • Single Player Arcade mode
  • Single Player Story mode
  • Single Player Survival mode
  • Single Player Practice mode
  • Dual Player Battle mode (via the GBA Game Link Cable)

Release Date: Q1 2002

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