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Imperium Galactica III - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2001 @ 3:03 p.m. PST

The battle for inter-planetary domination is far from over, as CDV Software Entertainment announces that March 2002 will be the month it unleashes Imperium Galactica III – the latest in the hugely popular real-time strategy series.
The game’s official Web site has just been launched HERE - and the coming months will see a steady increase in surrounding marketing and publicity.

“Having won the rights to publish IG3, we’re going all-out to ensure this is the biggest in the series,” says Terry Malham, president, CDV Software Entertainment. “Its release will complete a successful first quarter for CDV – with Cossacks: The Art of War, Divine Divinity and Neocron also releasing early next year. It’ll be good to start the New Year as we finish the old; with a PC line-up to make our rivals envious.”

Imperium Galactica III, is rendered entirely in incredibly detailed 3D throughout. There is less emphasis on colonisation and building up a community than in the two previous games; it is your tactical skills and experience when pitted against increasingly powerful foes that will be put to the test.

Set in the not too distant future, you play a space pilot whose adventures make up the main story on a mission-by-mission basis, while several sub-plots give the action of the game diversity - and the ability to upgrade your equipment and firepower. The narrative behind Imperium Galactica III has been designed by the acclaimed Hungarian fantasy and SF writer, Zsolt Nyulaszi, creator of many role-playing games like MAGUS and Codex.

The spaceships are freely configurable, and the existing models can be reconfigured while the ship is in dock. The various sorts of weaponry, shields, engines and other devices are clearly visible on the body of the ships during the battles, while animations and special effects make their operation breathtakingly life-like.

During the course of the battles against alien races several tactical puzzles need to be solved, and you will find that there are times when diplomacy pays off better than war-mongering.

Alongside the thrills of battle, however, you'll need to endeavour to colonise new planets and upgrade your fleet with technologies obtained from alien communities.

"Strategic gaming experience in Genesis is ensured by colonisation, which is a plain, but extremely realistic overall objective," says Zsolt Hanula, lead designer of Imperium Galactica III.

Imperium Galactica III is developer Philos Entertainment's second game in partnership with CDV Software Entertainment. Philos is also developing the action adventure title Escape From Alcatraz for CDV, also to be published during 2002.

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