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Former Mortyr Developers Secretly working on 'Another War' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2001 @ 12:20 p.m. PST

Cenega today announce, that it´s first AAA game for worldwide distribution Another War, enter the last stage of developement and that has to be proudly present to the public at Spring 2002 .

Another War is long time secretly developed project by Mortyr´s developer Mirage. This truly original CRPG is set as first RPG game ever in occupied Europe during WWII. The witty and humorous plot combined with the sophisticated character development system gives the player days of the addicting fun. It is about a man living by his wits, mercenary and adventurer who get involved in a bloody machination between fighting world-powers when trying to save old friend from the nazi tight squeeze. The plot begins in a forgotten French village where the only signs of war are rare German patrols and Wehrmacht soldiers occupying the local bar. It ends in the hell of the besieged Leningrad where the hero finds one of the most secret Russian and German projects.

ANOTHER WAR audience are casual gamers rather than hardcore ones, although lovers of titles as Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Diablo and similar will also play with pleasure. The game is intended for 16+ age, additionally contains references to classic books and movies such as Crusaders of the Lost Arc, Allo Allo, Catch 22, Saving Private Ryan, Dirty Dozen and others, what makes ANOTHER WAR attractive also for older audience.

Here are some features, which among others could be find :

  • extensive storyline (very exciting adventures, mysteries and secrets of World War II);
  • realtimes battles (Diablo-like);
  • huge rendered world (about 1000 screens in 800x600 resolution);
  • zillions (yes, zillions :) frames of animations;
  • hundreds hours of gameplay.
  • New Isometric engine use new standarts includes:
  • FLACha system (Fully Layered and Animated Character system);
  • MISS (Massive Inventory SubSystem);
  • BACA (Battle Advanced Combat Arena);
  • POTATOE (Plenty Of Text Adventure - Third Omni Edition).
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