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Transworld Snowboarding - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2001 @ 12:30 p.m. PST

Developed by Housemarque, TransWorld Snowboarding offers huge, living real-world snowboard levels with natural snow kickers and ramps to launch off of. Treacherous terrain and steep cliffs add to the danger with rails and downed trees to jib and grind, along with natural half-pipes and quarter-pipes to perform tons of tricks.

Boasting an extensive licensed soundtrack that compliments the lifestyle aspect of the sport, TransWorld Snowboarding will also be up to 4-player multi-player and will feature clothing, accessories and equipment from a variety of sponsors including DC Shoes, Hurley Clothing, Oakley and Quicksilver.


  • 12 snowboarding pros including Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Andrew Crawford, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Jussi Oksanen, Todd Richards, Willie Yli-Luoma and more
  • More than 20 locations including USA, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Japan
  • Incredible lighting, shadows, particle effects, bump mapping and anti-aliasing to create amazing visuals
  • Free-ride, Free-style, Slope Style, Straight jump, Pipe, Boarder X and Career Modes
  • Jib and grind rails, tables, downed trees, snow plows, ice blocks and more
  • Nail your goals, get the top score and open new and secret levels
  • Ride and grind to find the best lines in the level
  • Nail your best tricks and snap! you’re on the cover

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