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Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 16, 2001 @ 3:49 p.m. PST

Capcomvs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, the next title in itslegendary “verses” fighting line-up of products. Sixth in Capcom’s “Versus” series that has sold more than onemillion units in the U.S., Capcom vs.SNK 2 is scheduled to release this summer for the PS2 and coin-operated systems.
Capcom vs. SNK 2 is thesequel to Capcom vs. SNK, named“Fighting Game of the Year” by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and hailedby gamers as one of the best fighting games of all times. Capcomvs. SNK 2 was the first product to pit Capcom’s world famous Street Fighters against SNK’s celebratedKing of Fighters characters. Capcom vs. SNK 2 features more than 10new characters and six different fighting grooves each based on either Capcomor SNK’s fighting styles. With evenmore Capcom and SNK characters thanthe original, gamers will have a field day setting up dream matches choosingfrom their favorite characters. Capcomvs. SNK 2 is expected to carry a “T” by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

In Capcom vs.SNK 2, two monster corporations are at war. One solution. A massivemartial arts event is planned to settle the score and eliminate all conflictsbetween the two parties. Many of theworld’s most famous warriors have joined and the public is going man with anticipation. Join 44 brawlers from Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter and SNK’sworld renowned King of Fighters series as they fight for universal domination. It’s the ultimatecollision of strength and power.

Capcom vsSNK 2 allowsplayers to choose between one of the six following fighting grooves:

  • Capcom Groove 1 – This groove is similarto the Capcom groove found in the original. Players can use level 1-3 Super Combos, ‘Air Block’ and Counter attackto defeat their opponent.
  • Capcom Groove 2 – Players can only use alevel 1 super combo and their attack power does not increase by charging the‘Super Combo’ gauge. The power of thisgroove is that it allows players to run and ‘Counter Attack’.
  • Capcom Groove 3 - Players can only use aLevel 3 super combo and cannot ‘Guard Cancel’, use a ‘Rolling Get Up’ or ‘AirBlock’ in this groove. The advantage ofthis groove is the fact that players can use both ‘Short Jump’ and ‘Parrying’to secure victory.
  • SNK Groove 1 – This groove is similarto the SNK groove found in the original. In this groove, when a character’s vitality is lower than 15%, theplayer can use a Level 1 super combo limitlessly. The Level 3 super combo is available only when the character’svitality bar is less than 15% and their super combo gauge is full. While ‘Guard Cancel’ is not available, both‘Dodge’ and ‘Short Jump’ can be used.
  • SNK Groove 2 – In this groove, players can use the Level 1 supercombo in normal circumstances. When aplayer performs a ‘Power Max’, their attack power is increased by 20% and thelevel 3 super combo becomes available. ‘Running’, ‘Safe Fall’, ‘Guard Cancel’ and ‘Short Jump’ are allavailable to the player.
  • SNK Groove 3 – In this groove, when thesuper combo gauge is full, the character’s attack power is increased by 35% andthe maximum damage the character takes is decreased by 1/8. While only the level 3 super combo gauge isavailable, players can use ‘Just Defense’, ‘Safe Fall’ and ‘Short Jump’.

Aside from the amazing variation of fighting styles,players will be treated to more than 10 new to the series characters and willsee the return of all of the characters featured in Capcom vs SNK. These characterswill include

Dan from the famed Street Fighter series, Joe Higashi from SNK fame, Haomaru from SNK’s smash hit, Samurai .

Spirits, Kyosuke from Capcom’s 3D fighting game RivalSchools and Athena from King of Fighters ’95. Capcom vs. SNK 2 will featureother new characters from Capcom’s Street Fighter and Final Fight, SNK’s Art ofFighting and Fatal Fury series. Anotherextra for players will be the variation of character artwork in the characterselect and victory screens. Thisartwork will vary depending on the fighting style the player chooses.

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