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Digital Leisure Ships Seven Xbox Compatible Titles Today

by Rainier on Nov. 16, 2001 @ 6:22 p.m. PST

The day is here and the time is now! Excitement and anticipation are on the forefront, as Microsoft joins the video game console market with the release of the Xbox, and Digital Leisure is welcoming them in with seven launch titles. With Digital Leisure's hit arcade titles available now for Xbox, there will be no shortage of quality titles for the new console this fall!
The internationally acclaimed adventures created by the former Disney animator Don Bluth and designer Rick Dyer have shifted from the arcades onto the latest gaming console, the Xbox. Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp contain the classic animation that fans will want to add to their video game collections. These classic titles are joined by the original Hologram Time Traveler and Shadoan from Rick Dyer; in addition to the latest releases from American Laser Games - Mad Dog McCree and Who Shot Johnny Rock? Video game enthusiasts will want to make sure to pick up the DVD Movie Playback Kit for their Xbox so they can enjoy these legendary games that Digital Leisure is providing retail outlets with across the country. These seven games that redefined the video game industry are available throughout North America at major retailers including Electronics Boutiques. Suggested MSRP is $29.95, which is a cost much lower than many of the titles debuting for the new system.

"With seven titles at launch, we're excited to be such a significant software provider for this year's most awaited console," said David Foster, general manager of Digital Leisure. "We're excited to be able to offer video game classics that have stood the test of time, and they're what enthusiasts from across the country have been demanding. For almost two decades, these games have been loved by fans of all ages and abilities and are featured at a more consumer friendly price point than that of most other Xbox games".

Digital Leisure is a leading publisher of interactive DVD titles. The company acquires and remasters existing video-intensive titles that would benefit from the superior video and audio quality of DVD.

*Digital Leisure Inc. is not associated with Microsoft Corporation Inc. Microsoft Corporation Inc. has not endorsed these products. Microsoft Corporation and Xbox are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation Inc. subsidiaries.

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