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Westwood Studios Opens Website For Pirates – The Legend Of Black Kat

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2001 @ 11:33 a.m. PST

Westwood Studios announced today it has launched a new website for Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat, its upcoming action adventure game for the PlayStation 2. Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat will be published by Electronics Arts early next year.

The new website for Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat will include gameplay features, information about the game’s backstory and characters, and pirate’s legend and lore. In addition, to kick off the launch, the website will feature a brand-new gameplay sizzle movie, new screenshots, and the box image for the game.

Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat, formerly known as Pirates of Skull Cove, is Westwood's next-generation pirate game with epic ship battles and thrilling swordplay, starring Black Kat. Take to take to the high seas as Black Kat and master a dozen pirate ships from the simple gunboat to the massive power of a man o' war. Discover and explore increasingly dangerous and fantastic island worlds and develop Black Kat's swordplay skills to master the dagger, cutlass and saber to defeat evil pirate bands and loot their treasures.

To visit the new website for Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat, click HERE.

Take to the high seas as fearless pirate captain Katarina de Leon in Pirates of Skull Cove™. Guard your fortunes and your life as you navigate the open seas with ruthless enemies in pursuit. The swashbuckling adventure of a lifetime awaits you in this epic story of skullduggery and scalawags -- explore exotic lands of magic and mystery, trade in distant ports, engage in daring sword fights, and more. Hoist the mainsail, matey, and prepare for the perilous journey to Skull Cove!

Whether you're at the helm of a nimble sloop or a heavy galleon, the ship-fighting action of Pirates of Skull Cove is fast and furious, requiring quick thinking and quick fingers. As cannon fire rains down from enemy ships, you'll issue orders to your crew to mount your own attack. Cripple the enemy by shredding his sails with volleys of chain shot! Hammer at his hull with a barrage of black powder kegs! Blind and confuse his crew with stinkpots! Then again, a classic cannon ball through the deck is certain to make his mates scramble for cover. Other exotic weapons will round out your arsenal with something even better than gunpowder: magic. In those rare moments of maritime peace, you'll be able to upgrade and customize your ship with cannons, crewmen, figureheads and flags.

What's a pirate without a sword? Dead. No wonder Katarina has thrived as a pirate; when not making waves on the sea, she's on terra firma, swashbuckling with such skill that would make her mother proud. As she explores exciting new lands, Katarina will face off with everything from giant crabs to skeleton pirates to ice demons, and luckily she's equipped for the encounter. Instead of the usual hack 'n' slash combat, Katarina will learn increasingly tricky and powerful sword maneuvers to turn baddies into fish food. You'll slice, dice, spin, chop and poke, and if a sword isn't the right tool for the situation, you can always opt for
throwing knives or mini-keg grenades -- as well as a host of potent magic weaponry that will make your foes regret ever setting foot on land.

Key Features

  • Epic Sea Battles. Experience fearsome, fast-paced ship-to-ship combat. Choose one of 12 unique fighting vessels equipped with different seafaring capabilities and weaponry. Customize your ship with a wide range of items, including chain shot, black powder kegs, stink pots, cannons, rare magical weapons, and more.
  • Spectacular Sword Fighting. Match swords with a variety of bloodthirsty enemies. Using powerful special moves, you gain experience and master new sword-fighting combat moves to defeat all who cross your path.
  • Explore and Plunder Exotic Territories. Voyage through five vast worlds, where you’ll discover exotic treasures, Voodoo witch doctors, mermaids, mythical beasts and more! Try to keep your sword hand steady as you trek through the Haunted Isles. Watch for icebergs and fearsome snow beasts as you trek through the Frozen Wasteland. You never know what you’ll find as you sail beyond the horizon.
  • Captain vs. Captain Battle Mode. Take command of your own ship and go to war against a mate. Out maneuver him, tear his sails with grapeshot, set him flame with fireballs, then send him to a watery grave with a well-placed volley of hot lead.
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