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Wreckless - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2001 @ 11:55 a.m. PST

Carmageddon going Xbox .. that would be the easiest way to discribe it ... Our apologies for the some what blurry screens ... And beware of the Unimog .. I drove one of those in my former army days ... they are EVIL! Njoy!

WRECKLESS for the Xbox is the first high-suspense, high-speed, mission-based driving game for the much-anticipated new platform. Set in the streets of Hong Kong, the player must put an end to the recent growth of power by the Japanese yakuza (aka mafia) before it's too late. Players must choose from one of two roles: an elite anti-yakuza squad member taking on the vicious mafia, or a secret agent trying to uncover corrupt ties between the mafia and the police. WRECKLESS takes this thrilling genre to new heights with ultra-realistic, completely free-roaming, interactive environments, unique pulse-pounding missions, real-time car damage, instant replays and action-packed gameplay.


  • Life-Threatening Missions - Players drive their way through a total of 20 white-knuckle missions featuring a variety of tough objectives. Among the challenges: chasing yakuza transport cars, rescuing a police captain trapped in a destroyed tunnel, smashing into mob cars attempting to escape crime scenes, capturing a mafia boss before he escapes by helicopter and clearing a hijacked bus's path so it won't crash and explode from a bomb planted inside of it.
  • Talk About a Killer Commute - Gamers experience realistic driving physics and life threats in up close and personal auto combat with real-time vehicle damage. Players crash into and destroy enemy vehicles and take their own auto-body bruising as well. It is better to buckle up for safety!
  • Choose a Story - Fans pick from two immersive storylines with 10 different missions each. They can take the wheel as a member of an elite police force tracking down lawless yakuza units or drive against crime as a high-level secret agent trying to expose illicit activities between the yakuza and police.
  • Mix it Up in Fully Interactive Environments - Players must fight to make the streets safe in free-roaming, detailed Hong Kong city environments loaded with shortcuts and alternate routes. Not only are the environments fully interactive, they are fully destructible as well. Gamers search and destroy tunnels located in crowded intersections, curvy back roads and even along the edge of a skyscraper rooftop.


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