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Men in Black: The Series-Crashdown Heads To Stores Today!

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2001 @ 11:22 p.m. PST

Get ready to spend your Thanksgiving holiday in style, because the boys in Ray Bans are headed to stores today in an all new action-packed First Person Shooter for the PSOne! Developed by Runecraft-Leeds, this game is priced at $14.95, so what on EARTH are you waiting for?
They are the best-kept secret in the Universe. Working for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency, they are providers of immigration services and regulation of all things alien. They are the best, last and only line of defense. Protecting the Earth from the scum of the Universe… they are the Men in Black.

Based on the animated hit series, Men in Black™: The Series- Crashdown invites players to take the role of either agent ‘J’ or ‘K’ to attempt to foil the alien “Fmecks” and their boss, the evil ex-MIB agent-gone-bad, Alpha. This innovative first-person shooter challenges players to stop the intergalactic terrorists in their evil plan to kidnap the President of the United States to ultimately take over the world! Players will face off against hilarious alien characters with zany futuristic gadgets while exploring the weirdest environments in the Universe!

Other features Include:

  • More than 15 characters to encounter, including popular aliens from the series as well as all-new creatures designed especially for the game; each with their own personality and behavioral patterns
  • 26 levels of alien anarchy, including New York’s China Town, an alien space ship and MIB H.Q.
  • Levels feature both ‘cartoony’ elements from both the MIB television series and the mad and every day environments of the MIB movie
  • An array of top-secret weaponry including the infamous Neuralyzer™ and the devastating Noisy Cricket™ to blast alien enemies
  • Watch the story unfold through rendered cut scenes, bringing the all-time favorite MIB characters to life
  • Immersive story-driven gameplay-Inspired by the animated series “syndromes” (episodes). Players must use their brains as well as their blasters to achieve mission objectives and solve puzzles they’ll face as they progress through the unfolding storyline
  • Atmospheric music inspired by the soundtracks from the original movie and animated series

Did we mention this game is only $14.95? Go get a copy!!

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