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Clusterball ships!

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2001 @ 11:26 p.m. PST

Strategy First and Daydream Software announced that Clusterball, the highly addictive action sports game shipped nationwide (being North America, it is already available in Europe) today and will be available in most major retailers in the next few days.
Clusterball is an online fantasy sports game that combines elements of high speed air-racing with true dogfighting and tactical challenges. In a Clusterball match, a player's aim is to collect colored balls from magnetic tracks spread out in venues and tow them through a scoring ring using a fast and versatile aircraft. To interfere with opposing pilots, players can pick up various kinds of tactical equipment - like the Superboost, Ball Snatcher or Tractor Beam. With amazing 3D graphics and positional sound effects together with authentic physics, a perfect setting is created. Intense matches take place in astonishing landscapes inspired by famous locations around the world.

Clusterball can be enjoyed with up to 8 players from around the globe through the Internet in both "free for all" and team play. There is a world spanning ranking system, based on results from online matches that is always accessible on

Clusterball has been available in Europe for some time now and has gathered a large and loyal following. The North American version includes ALL 11 detailed venues from around the world and an easy single player training mode for players to get started.

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