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Cossacks 'The Art Of War' - Episode 1 - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2001 @ 12:04 p.m. PST

Four hundred years ago, mainland Europe resounded to the sounds of bloody battles, as nations were created and fell, fortunes made and lost, and new military tactics were developed. Cossacks: The Art of War recreates these battles on an epic scale.

Featuring more than 35 enhancements to the original, The Art Of War is designed to add a new lease of life to the critically acclaimed game, which went straight to number one when it was first released in March 2001 and been a permanent fixture in the PC top ten ever since.The next 10 weeks we will be detailing these enhancements, except we will focus on 10 of the best (as voted by the community on the Cossacks site .. click HERE).

This week… in a step by step, easy to follow presentation, we offer to you ‘The Map and Missions Editor uncovered’.

In the past editing terrain and landscapes have not been the easiest things to do. The functionality of previous editors has been extremely time consuming. Editing terrains has never been easier with ‘The Art of War’ Here is just a sample of its potential.

Using several simple functions you can pre design your map landscape. The “Edit terrain” menu appears in the middle of the screen when correspondent button on the tool panel is pressed:


Press the generate button, wait several seconds until map has been created, voila then take a look at the mini map. Easy as pie…



With the map generated, you can start applying textures and adding objects, you can create what ever you want, even GSC’s development studio as shown in this screenshot:


Manipulation with the map editor enables you to use textures and landscape to create real masterpieces:



A nice extra touch is the ‘edit relief function’ allowing maximal landscape realism as shown in this screenshot, it may not seem like much but if you look closely it touches on all the finer details like for the perfectionists.


Here’s something you don’t see everyday ‘water current editing’… yes folks you heard me right, manipulation of the tides… Poseidon eat your heart out. How freaking cool is this!


Want an army that could dwarf Napoleon? ‘Unit group creation’ allow you to add any soldier, warship and buildings to the map. How many of these little soldiers can you add you ask? 8000 individual soldiers, yep and all with out slowdown.


User-friendly interface and tree structure allow fast and easy mission creation in Art of War scenario editor: a dummies edition to follow soon…


The game, scenario and map editors are all interrelated, thus enabling you to try your mission out without having to flick back and forth between the editor and the game.


Add pictures to your in-game messages. A selection is included with the editor. Go on be creative.



‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ with Alliance editing, which is an integral part of any mission.



Extensive set of commands and actions set out in an easy to use tree structure allows creation of diverse and complex missions: recreate any battle you desire. Let the Rivers run red with blood...


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