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SEGA Europe Dreamcast players to choose own ISP

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2001 @ 5:46 p.m. PST

Sega Europe, Ltd. today announced that it will enable Dreamcast consoles to be opened so users can select their own ISP for interactive gaming and internet access. Sega Europe will stop being the exclusive provider of Dreamcast internet access services in European territories.
Sega Europe has decided that with the range of internet services now available it no longer needs to provide this service and will focus on providing top quality games and associated content in line with Sega┬« Corporation’s new global strategy.

Since Sega stopped manufacturing the Dreamcast console at the beginning of this year, the company has proceeded the business reform to become the world’s leading games content provider. Sega is on track with this plan with the multiplatform games strategy by delivering Sega's world-renowned content and franchises for all next-generation video game consoles, as well as handheld, mobile and other devices. This refocus is part of our business reform, and we believe it will accelerate transitioning to become the world’s leading games content provider.

Sega introduced Dreamcast, the world’s first online gaming console to Europe in October 1999. In partnership with BT, Dreamcast offered consumers Europe’s first online gaming infrastructure introducing next generation online gaming into the lives of more than 1 million players across Europe. Evolving network business with providing the outstanding online content including "Phantasy Star Online™", Sega will retain its superior positioning in the online gaming market.

With the introduction of new browser software to replace the current browser (Dreamkey 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0), Dreamcast users will now be able to choose to use any available ISP to connect their Dreamcast to the World Wide Web and enjoy online multi-player gaming. These changes will benefit online Dreamcast users in the following territories: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Finland. Sega is in discussion with service providers in Spain and Portugal to provide the best possible service for Dreamcast users in these countries.

Online gaming will also continue to be provided, utilizing the new browser to configure Dreamcast to benefit from unrestricted network access. Dreamarena portal services are to be merged with Sega Europe’s web site available at and will be accessible from Dreamcasts, PCs and other online platforms.

"Sega has steadily proceeded its business reform to become the world’s leading games content provider. The new browser software gives European Dreamcast users the freedom of choice for the first time to choose their own ISP to connect to the Dreamcast online community," said Yoshio Sakai, COO of Sega Europe, Ltd. "BT was instrumental in helping SEGA set up Europe’s first network infrastructure for games consoles. BT will continue to provide telecommunication services to Sega Europe, Ltd. and we look forward to continuing a prosperous relationship with BT."

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