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Rallisport Challenge - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2001 @ 11:39 a.m. PST

Rallisport Challenge delivers a unique racing experience by combining four different types of Rally competition into one game: Hill climb, “WRC-style” rallies, RallyCross, and Ice Racing. “Rallisport Challenge” is being developed by Digital Illusions and will be publoshed by .. Microsoft.

This variety of race types allows for gamers to experience traditional rally racing against the clock, as well as fierce, wheel-to-wheel grudge matches. Rallisport Challenge delivers on what is truly fun about Rally racing. With more than 25 licensed cars (and several ‘bonus’ vehicles), AI opponents with unique personalities, and spectacular crashes with realistic car damage, all surrounded by full graphical and audio exploitation of the Xbox, Rallisport Challenge will provide the most realistic and most fun racing experience ever.


  • Four distinctly different types of rallying, all in one game - Race to the clouds in the Hill climb events. Navigate rough country roads in WRC- style rallies. Fight for pole position in the bumper-to-bumper Rallycross and Ice racing championships.
  • More than 25 famous rally cars –Licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Audi, Citroen, Lancia, Ford, Subaru and Mitsubishi. The (in)famous Group “B” cars of the 1980s are also included as part of this great assortment of vehicles.
  • Robust Career Mode - Starting off with a limited selection of cars, you’ll have to race to prove yourself and gain entry into the Professional-, Classic-, and ultimately, World Classic-circuits. As you race, you’ll earn points – your key to unlocking new cars and qualifying for the upper race-circuits. You’ll also gain the experience you need to handle various race and terrain types – both on the track and when optimising your car in the garage.
  • Advanced graphics and audio - Rallisport Challenge will show swaying trees, animated crowds, animals avoiding your car’s path, and realistic particle effects as you run through mud, dirt, snow and water. Damage modelling will also be incorporated. In leveraging the audio capabilities of the Xbox, we will ensure to deliver distinctive audio effects from the actual cars.
  • Multiplayer - Up to four players can compete simultaneously in a multiplayer race. There’s nothing like the absolute thrill of racing head to head against your closest friends and humiliating them!

Availability: Spring, 2002

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