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'Polaroid Pete' - Game Guide

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2001 @ 3:56 p.m. PST

The more pictures you take, the more activity happens on screen. You can trigger events by using your zoom and flash. Experiment with your camera functions to earn yourself bonus points. The flash function can make invisible items appear such as ghosts or make people turn around to face you. If you zoom in on certain characters or events they will react differently and you can earn extra points by taking their picture. Use your jumping ability to spot photo opportunities particularly in the background.
The items that hit you and take away your film, flash etc can be jumped over, flashed away or photographed for bonus film.

Each stage has a set number of points to achieve in order to progress. The better your photography the more points you can gain. You will be awarded more points if you manage to take better photographs. If you can take a picture in the exact centre of your target you will receive more points (Cool and fine Bonus)

Keep an eye on the amount of film you have as it can run out quickly, particularly on the harder difficulty settings if you are too trigger happy. The objects that fly at you are a good opportunity to stock up as they usually turn into bonus items such as film or flash bulbs when you snap them.

Certain photos will be placed in your album when you grab their picture. Each level has a certain amount to collect, try to snap them all.

Every stage has a key moment to photograph. In order to progress you need to capture this event. If you don't manage to capture this picture you will fail the level even if you have made the points target. If you earn enough points and take a picture of the special event even if you run out of film you will pass the event. There are also super secret events on some levels that open up extra levels if you manage to take their picture.

Money shots and Bonus level photos.

1) Ginza pedestrian paradise

Main picture
There is a runaway train about half way through the level. Take a picture of the man attacking the woman.

Secret Level
Take a photo of the LOAX sign next to the erupting volcano. (This opens level 2)

2) Akiha downtown (Bonus Level)

Main Picture
There are 3 robots standing together, wait until they start can canning & take a picture.

3) Harajuku Amusement Park

Main Picture
Flying train, as it takes off and flames appear take a picture.

Secret Level 1
In the background behind the train is a tent, wait for the elephant's trunk to appear & take a picture. (This opens Level 4)

Secret Level 2
There is a rollarcoaster behind the popcorn stand. Take a picture of the coaster car as it does a loop. (This opens up level 5)

4) Higure Circus (Bonus Level)

Main Picture
Right at the end of the level an elephant appears pushing a ball. Take a picture when it twirls it's trunk and begins to fly.

5) Scream roller coaster (Bonus Level)

No main photo as you just ride the coaster and collect bonus items.

6) Odaiba mystery spot

Main Picture
A ghostly face is jumbled up and comes together. Take a picture when it is fully formed, smiles and winks.

7) Katsushika downtown shopping streets

Main Picture
At the end of the level there are three witches flying in the background. Take a picture of them.

Secret Level
There is a smoke stack in the background. Take a picture of smoke rising from it. (This opens up Level 8)

8) Makuhari bath (Bonus Level)

Main Picture
There is a stack of barrels, jump from them and there will be an old lady in the bath in the background. Take a photo of her.

9) Yoyogi Stadium

Main Picture
Just before the swimming pool is a basketball court. A ball will be thrown in the left hand basket. It will bounce off the rim and fly into the basket at the other end of the court. Take a picture as it goes into the basket at the right hand end of the court.

Secret Level
At the end of the level a Japanese flag will appear in an open window at the top of the screen. Take a picture of it. (This opens up Level 10)

10) Aoyama Athletic Field (Bonus Level)

Main Picture
Just before the end of the level where the girls are playing tennis a Roman Chariot will charge across the screen. Take a photo of it.

11) Tsukiji Edo Village

Main Picture
There are a group of doors before a cooking pot. Take a picture of each one and they will open. When the last door opens there will be a shogun with a woman. Wait for her to slap him and take a picture.

12) Ueno Zoo

Main Picture
Shortly before the end of the level a Donkey will appear. Take a picture of it and a dog will jump on it's back followed by a cat and a rooster. Take a picture of each animal and the rooster will pull out a trumpet and play it. Take a picture when it plays the trumpet.

13) Wedding reception (Bonus Level)

Opens up when you complete the previous 12 levels. You must take 20 pictures of your Editor before he takes 20 of you.

14) Moon Level

Opens up when you complete all of the levels on the hard difficulty setting.

Main Picture
Just before the end of the level the Sun will appear, wait until it has fully risen and take a picture of it. The Earth will then appear above it. Take a picture of them together.

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