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Take2 Announces 'Mall Tycoon' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 27, 2001 @ 11:40 p.m. PST

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced today their new game for the PC, "Mall Tycoon[TM]." Developed in conjunction with Holistic Design, Inc., the game gives players the opportunity to design, build, and run the 3D retail empire of their dreams. "Mall Tycoon" is due to ship in January 2002.

Build and Manage the Ultimate Shopping Center in World's First "Mall Sim"

With over 250 stores and 120 scenery pieces to choose from, "Mall Tycoon" players can create and manage malls of all sizes and styles. They may fill them with anything from the cheesiest tattoo parlors to the classiest clothing boutiques. Aspiring Mall Tycoons must hire janitors, guards, and greeters to keep the mall secure and profitable. At the same time, players must watch out for some of the funkier mall inhabitants -- shoplifters, mall punks, and supernatural creatures are all out to hinder their success.

"'Mall Tycoon' is a great opportunity to combine our love of strategy games with the eclectic world of mall management," said Andrew Greenberg, director at Holistic Design, Inc. "Our goal is to capture the essence of what really goes on behind the scenes. As a result, players are not only challenged to build an economically successful mall, but they must also deal with the oddities that occur there on a regular basis."

In "Mall Tycoon" players are challenged with creating successful marketing campaigns, outstanding stores and festive seasonal events. If they're smart, they may attract a frenzy of fashion-buying customers and garner high mall ratings. If they properly research the latest products, they can keep sales high and ensure the survival of their retail empire. Each decision the player makes ultimately effects the destiny of the mall.

With "Mall Tycoon," players can:

  • Build their very own 3D mall from the ground up or choose from a wide variety of scenarios for countless hours of gameplay.
  • Mix and match over 60 products and services -- everything from toy shops, bridal wear boutiques, and video game arcades.
  • Expand their retail empires -- tack on multi-theater Cineplex's, build multiple levels, or throw in a roller coaster to attract customers.
  • Hire Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, or organize other special events such as fashion shows, haunted houses and rock concerts.
  • Experience sights and sounds associated with real malls -- mall walkers, mall punks, and the occasional supernatural event.
  • Capture shoppers' attention with mini golf courses, rock concerts, boat shows, and more.
  • Explore a completely 3D world with 360-degree rotating camera and multiple zoom levels -- watch from a bird's eye view or focus in on all the excitement.
  • Research new employees, mall upgrades, and new marketing promotions to increase the popularity and efficiency of their mall.
  • Create their dream malls, upload them onto the web for all to see, and download other players' designs as well.

For additional information on "Mall Tycoon," visit the website HERE


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