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Creature Labs develop MS. PAC-MAN™ & DIG DUG™ for Infogrames

by Rainier on Nov. 29, 2001 @ 10:54 a.m. PST

Creature Labs announced today the development of two PC CD-ROM titles based on a couple of Namco's most popular characters from the golden age of the arcades. The two titles MS. PAC-MAN Quest for the Golden Maze™ and DIG DUG Deeper™, have been developed for Infogrames by Creature Labs Ltd in the United Kingdom. Both games have jut been released in North America this month, and are planned for UK and Pan-European release in February 2002.

"MS. PAC-MAN Quest for the Golden Maze™ and DIG DUG Deeper™ continue the long legacy of Namco's Ms. Pac-Man and Dig Dug characters for home gaming platforms,'' said Chris McKee, CEO of Creature Labs. "We believe that anyone who has nostalgic memories and are familiar with these loveable characters, will want to play these new PC incarnations, carefully updated to 3D with the 21st century casual gamer in mind. They will also appeal to a whole new generation, who may not have been around when these games first filled the arcades"

In MS. PAC-MAN Quest for the Golden Maze™, Ms. Pac-Man is on the run from the relentless ghosts and must use her wits to survive. Novice Pac-Man experts and newcomers alike will be challenged to help Ms. Pac-Man get the highest possible score while attempting to collect special bonus fruit that will unlock the coveted Golden Maze. New power-ups and special features will increase the level of interactivity and replay value while retaining the elements that made the original MS. PAC-MAN one of the best selling arcade machines of all time.

DIG DUG Deeper™ sees our hero Dig Dug return to the underground, with some novel twists on the old arcade magic. Dig Dug combines traditional 2-D game-play with all new 3-D sections. But, as in the arcade original, he is not alone. The Pookas and Fygars are there to stop him and this time, they've brought some friends along. Armed with his trusty pump, Dig Dug must drill his way through dozens of colourful worlds, before the final showdown on the Moon.


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