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Return To Castle Wolfenstein™ Hits Euro Land

by Rainier on Nov. 29, 2001 @ 3:05 p.m. PST

Retail outlets are bracing for the blitzkrieg with the announcement that id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ for the PC is now available. Activision, Inc. and id Software confirmed today that the title has been shipped to retailers and will be available on November 30th for a suggested retail price of £39.99.

"The game that started it all is back, bigger, badder and more beautiful then ever," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "Wolfenstein 3D set the stage for one of the most prolific genres in PC gaming history, and now Return to Castle Wolfenstein is here to once again set the standard in first-person action gameplay."

"Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the definitive combination of technology, story, design and gameplay," said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "Players will feel like they've stepped into a feature film with a storyline full of interesting characters, heart-stopping action and plot twists that will keep even the most hardcore gamers on their toes."

Developed by Gray Matter Studios, Return to Castle Wolfenstein plunges players into a maelstrom of action, espionage and mayhem, as an American soldier tasked with single-handedly stopping the darkest plans of the Third Reich. Throughout the game, players will be locked in combat with waves of Nazi storm troopers, undead Teutonic knights and the twisted products of genetic experimentation. Return to Castle Wolfenstein further draws the player into the nightmare with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and scripting, as well as an immersive story that will bring gamers back again and again.

In addition to an action-packed story-driven single-player experience, Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer mode enlists gamers to hone their tactical skills in a series of combat scenarios. Gamers will join the fight as an axis or ally soldier and be challenged to intense, realistic campaigns like storming beachheads, infiltrating military installations, holding strategic positions, and more. Developed by Nerve Software, the online component features multiple objectives spanning a variety of maps, including an Allied airbase, a war-torn German village and a secret Nazi laboratory

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