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Infogrames Brings Hit TV Brand To PS One - Gundam Battle Assault

by Rainier on Nov. 30, 2001 @ 4:14 p.m. PST

Already an acclaimed name on TV, the game of the massively popular cartoon series - Gundam Battle Assault - will be available this Christmas on PlayStation One, thanks to a partnership between Infogrames and Bandai.

In a futuristic time designated "A.C. 19X", the world is technically at peace. However, some Mobile Suit (vast battle machine) pilots are still clinging to their battle-hardened ideals and continue the fight…

You must take on the role of Heero Yuy, a pilot determined to maintain the tenuous peace of the world at any cost. Your mission: fight the legendary Mobile Suits and save the world from total chaos!


  • From the hit television series, Gundam Wing!
  • Take on the role of Heero Yuy and his Wing Gundam Mobile Suit in this, his first-ever video game appearance!
  • Choose from 20 Mobile Suit Fighting Units (including hidden ones), each equipped with their own "Mega Special Attack".
  • Shatter your enemies with powerful, all-new aerial and ground attacks. Witness your enemy's armour buckle with each blow!


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