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by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2001 @ 2:03 p.m. PST

3DO Europe has announced the release of Army Men: Operation Green for Game Boy Advance in February 2002. This handheld epic will combine multiplayer arcade fun for up to four players with Nintendo’s enhanced graphics and processor speeds to guarantee plastic explosive action.

In the teeny tiny world of plastic soldiers, there remains an ongoing battle between good and evil. The Green Army strives for plastic world peace while the Tan Army spitefully battles for global-plastic domination.


War has broken out again across five different ‘real war’ environments and 15 interactive levels and this time, every enemy counts. But this war is different. Thanks to cutting-edge in-game Artificial Intelligence, the tan soldiers are smarter than ever before. They can hear you, see you and almost smell you. Your mission: to successfully eliminate each and every one of them and destroy the ‘secret device’.

From jeep, tank, boat or air, these combat-intense surroundings, complete with real-time weather effects, demand your complete attention. Fortunately, this time, the Green Army is equipped with new weapons ranging from knives and machine guns to bazookas and an array of armed combat vehicles to guarantee ultimate success in leading the Green Army to victory. Air support can be called to deal devastating air strikes as well as air drops of medical and weapon supplies.

All these shell shocking features are topped off with combat intense multiplayer gameplay for up to four players, to determine the ultimate Operation Green soldier.

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