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Xicat Finds Lost Boys games

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2001 @ 2:22 p.m. PST

Lost Boys games today confirms that Xicat Interactive has signed the rights to publish 2 original titles currently under development at Lost Boys games, for the Nintendo® Game Boy® Advance. This deal will see Xicat publishing both Invader (formerly known as Kaisertal) and Black Belt Challenge (previously Fire-Eaters).

The 2D scrolling space shooter, Invader, has its gameplay roots firmly set in a classic gaming style. Technically, however, it has been brought right up to date by the inclusion of many unique features including; variable weather, night and day settings, multi layer parallax scrolling and real time effects. The game also utilises the Game Boy Advance's link feature to provide an as yet unseen co-operative play mode. Described in the November 2001 edition of Edge® Magazine as "a joy to play", Invader will surely appeal to retro gamers and newcomers alike when it goes on sale in 2002.

Black Belt Challenge is an all-new beat 'em up created especially with the Game Boy Advance in mind. The game features 11 unique playable characters, with their unusual yet captivating style being best described as colourful cartoon blended with Art Nouveau. Each has his or her own special skills and abilities and is affiliated to either a good or evil side. Gameplay modes include Arcade and Story, as well as 2 player linked fights that take advantage of the Game Boy Advance's link cable. With its intuitive controls and fast-paced action, Black Belt Challenge is sure to be a smash when it hits the shops at the beginning of 2002.

"Xicat is a young and ambitious company, with very clear aims for the future" commented Martin de Ronde, Commercial Director of Lost Boys games. "They have a strong and far-reaching distribution network, and we are confident that they will provide Kaisertal and Fire Eaters with the sales support that these original titles fully deserve."

Steve Brown, Director of European Sales at Xicat Interactive added, "We are extremely excited to have secured these two excellent GBA titles from Lost Boys games. This is just another step for Xicat in forging relationships with renowned development houses to provide quality gaming experiences."

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