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Xicat signs Takeda - Real-Time Strategic Japanese Feudal Warfare

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2001 @ 7:10 p.m. PST

Xicat Interactive are pleased to announce the signing of Takeda for PC CD ROM…Director of Sales Steve Brown commented Takeda is another title that really pushes the boundaries of RTS gaming. Based upon Historical data of some of great 16th Century Samurai, we are sure Takeda will find a home on all RTS games players machines.
‘... It is feudal Japan, the Sengoku period – the Age of Strife. You are Takeda Shingen, ruler of the Takeda clan and the province of Kai, and one of the greatest tacticians in history.

Your goal is to unite your country before it is utterly destroyed by unceasing conflict. You will have to use war to end war; sweeping away all who oppose you on the road to Kyoto and the seat of political power.

Only through cleverness and determination will you bring peace to the land and honor to the Takeda family .....’

The Game
Rooted in Japanese history, Takeda puts the player in the role of the legendary 16th century warlord, Takeda Shingen.

This historically real Japanese war strategy game allows you to test your strategic skills of warfare in the feudal days of Japan. As a general of the Japanese empire, when Shoguns and warlords ruled the land, you must position your armies where you can overwhelm your competitor. Play against artificial intelligence, based upon the greatest warlords of all time, or play head-to-head via the internet with friends across town or across the world!

Game Play
TAKEDA is a real-time war game for Windows 95, 98, 2K and NT 4.0, developed by the Magitech Corporation.

With five tactical units with which to battle, no other gaming simulation captures the intensity and drama of military conflict like Takeda. In addition to playing along a storyline, you may also choose to play out specific historical battles.

Campaign battles are woven into a non-linear, historically based plot. You are the head of the Takeda clan, and you must ensure the safety of your homeland and fight for the honor of your family. Depending on your successes and failures in battle, and your responses to various political and non-combat events you will find your own path through the possible histories of Takeda’s life. Instead of controlling each unit at a time, you will command entire divisions of up to forty men at once. Use formations, planning, and careful strategy in order to achieve victory!

Key Features

  • Historic battles re-created to test your skill
  • Powerful battle controls to allow strategic placing down to individual units
  • Deep Historical themes and artwork
  • Multiplayer battle over LAN/Internet
  • Over a dozen strategic battle formations
  • Five tactical units to battle with

Planned Release: 9/11/2001
Developer: Magitech

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