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F/A 18 Precision Strike Fighter Available now

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2001 @ 7:14 p.m. PST

The most advanced flight simulator ever made available for the PC! This spectacular product contains all of the real life flight dynamics of America’s top Air superiority fighter jet. Fly in real world missions and scenarios facing the best pilots in the world. Design your own missions and arm your plane the way you want. This real model of the world’s most stunning fighter plane will have you searching out an oxygen mask - at your desk!
The F/A 18 Precision Strike Fighter puts you in the cockpit! Destroy enemy air defense, maintain air superiority, support ground units and destroy hostile aircraft. Fly head-to-head or in teams of up to four players via the Internet.

Game Play
Pilot twenty-eight built-in missions or create your own with the powerful and intuitive Mission Designer. Take the challenge of this award winning game.

Graphics and effects
F/A 18 Precision Strike Fighter, one of the most realistic flight sims ever engineered, utilizes the latest 3D technology to produce some of the most incredible graphics available on today’s machines.

Enhanced atmospheric effects and stunning textured-mapped 3D graphics create an unforgettable flight experience.

  • Stunning 3D hardware accelerated graphics with 3dfx Voodoo, ATI Rage 128/Pro or any OpenGL compliant graphics accelerator
  • Fully supports USB joystick support
  • Multiplayer action with Internet or LAN connection

Key Features

  • True flight dynamics
  • Real 3D modeling
  • Exclusive and intuitive Mission Designer
  • Real world missions based on actual world hot points
  • Incredible dynamic lighting
  • Highly realistic carrier operations
  • Extensive armament options
  • Power mission designer
  • Sophisticated enemy pilot AI
  • Dead-on flight dynamics
  • A host of mud-moving weaponry
  • Multimedia classroom and training
  • Fly a ‘Tour of Duty’, or get ‘Instant Action’
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