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Official Herdy Gerdy site Goes Live!

by Rainier on Nov. 8, 2001 @ 2:10 p.m. PST

Never before has a video game offered such depth and innovation: Herdy Gerdy's epic adventure features unique gameplay mechanics that are integrated within a vibrant world with its own delicately balanced eco-system and a rather unusual population.

Check out this amazing new Herdy Gerdy trailer (No. 2) and witness the game's totally unique graphical style as Herdy embarks on an epic quest to revive his father from an evil spell and ultimately save his homeland from a malicious dark rule. In order to become victorious, Gerdy must master a variety of unruly species, each with their own intelligence, thoughts and feelings.

Are you ready for some serious animal attraction?
Then simply click on the following link

To further inform gamers of the world of Gerdy and his epic quest, we are proud to announces the official Herdy Gerdy game site is now live! This will be THE point of reference for people to get their Herdy Gerdy goodness. A comprehensive look into the storyline, characters, and the "making of" are just a few of the goodies gamers can expect to find.

Official site .. Click HERE

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