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Action Replay GBX is here!

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2001 @ 1:24 p.m. PST

The wait is officially over for Action Replay GBX! That's right, the first ever cheat cartridge designed specifically for Game Boy Advance is finally here.
Infinite lives, unlimited bullets, secret characters and much, much more can all be yours with this amazing little device that simply plugs into the game slot of your Game Boy Advance. Once inserted, you can plug any game into Action Replay GBX and start cheating! Action Replay GBX comes preloaded with tons of codes for all your favourite Game Boy Advance games.

What's going to blow your socks off is how easy to use this sleek little device is; just pop in your game, turn your GBA on and it automatically loads the codes for the game that you've inserted! That's right, all you have to do is press start and it will load your game with all of the codes that are selected on the Action Replay for that game.

Entering new codes is dead easy. Just select the game name and the code(s) you want and you're ready to play! Plus you can enter multiple lines of code for one code. And that's not all - Action Replay GBX comes bundled with state-of-the art PC software.

The supplied PC software is way ahead of its time. You can save all of your codes to your PC's hard drive and e-mail them to your friends. The software also allows you to manually enter codes through your PC so you can send them to your Action Replay GBX via the USB cable supplied. At the push of a button the software will automatically update your PC software's code list with all of the current Action Replay GBX codes listed on! All you have to do is send them to your Action Replay GBX via your USB cable.

You never have to enter in codes by hand again. Action Replay GBX's PC software also has a game save feature that works with X-Port for Game Boy Advance (coming soon!) to manage your GBA game saves and send them via e-mail to all of your gaming mates. has codes up for all of the GBA games, often on the same day they come out! Never again will you have to wait for the coolest codes for the hottest games.

You'll also be able to download Action Replay GBX updates and PC software upgrades when they are available.

Action Replay GBX is available now from all good games stores, or you can buy direct from

Grant Hughes, Datel's marketing manager, answers some questions about Action Replay GBX:

It sounds great, but how much does Action Replay GBX cost?

"Action Replay GBX costs the same price as just one Game Boy Advance game, £29.99, but it'll last you a lot longer. Once you've bought Action Replay GBX, you've got access to powerful cheats for every game, for as long as the Game Boy Advance is around. And judging by Game Boy Color's performance, that'll be a very long time."

What does a cheat code look like, and how do you enter new cheat codes?

"A cheat code is an assortment of different numbers and letters. Entering a new cheat code into your Action Replay GBX is even easier than typing a text message or a ring tone into your mobile phone. A virtual computer keyboard appears on the screen of your Game Boy Advance and you simply use the buttons on your Game Boy Advance to type in the cheat code. When you've finished, the cheat code is stored in your Action Replay GBX cartridge until you choose to delete or edit it."

Is there a limit to how many new cheat codes can you enter?

"No, there is room on the cartridge for literally hundreds of new codes, so you'll never run out of space."

Which cheat codes are preloaded on the cartridge?

"Too many to mention them all! But I can tell you there are fantastic cheats for Bomberman Tournament, F-Zero, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Rayman, Super Mario Advance, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Spider Man, X-Men, and many, many more."

What about new cheat codes?

"We're constantly working on new cheats for the latest and greatest Game Boy Advance games. is the official Action Replay web site, and you can often get your hands on hot new codes just minutes after our hard-working code finders have completed them. You can also make a quick call to the Codejunkies codeline. Or you can get codes from a Game Boy magazine like GBX."

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