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David Beckham Soccer (GBA PS)

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2001 @ 6:51 p.m. PST

Some new nice screens just dropped in from Rage and the upcoming title David Beckham Soccer for GBA and PS.. Check them out!

Television viewers will have their first chance next week to see David Beckham's amazing new commercial for his computer game 'David Beckham Soccer'.

The Rage software ad opens with the England captain and Manchester United star lying topless on an operating theatre as a vertical probe scans his body and his brain 'sucking out' all his football knowledge.

Silhouetted 'doctors' can be seen in the background and his body is covered in sensors and monitors measuring his reflexes and transfering his footballing 'thoughts' as he takes on his cyber image with 'android-like' eyes.

The ad - which will be previewed on Sky before the commercial is shown in full - ends with the 'android activated' and a close up shot of Beckham's face and shaven head with a PlayStation socket in the middle of his forehead and his menacing robotic eyes.

The final scene shows one of his trademark free-kick goals and says: "Train Him, Play Like Him, Be Him."

Rage's 'David Beckham Soccer' is predicted to be one of the Christmas best-selling gifts battling for top place against Harry Potter computer games. Beckham's game goes on sale on November 23rd.

The 26 year old superstar has played a key part in creating the game and accurately reproducing his distinctive look and his unique style of play. He says: They're nearly perfect - you would hardly recognise the difference!"

The game offers a Beckham masterclass which helps users practice their skills and offers different levels of achievement through Youth Player, Reserve Player and up to Professional. Commentary is provided by Ron Atkinson and Radio Five's Jonathan Pearce and all the matches are staged in 'state of the art' stadia with realistic crowd and noise atmosphere.

Beckham added: "I'm delighted with David Beckham Soccer. I think it captures my style of game brilliantly and there would be no-one prouder thanme if I could pass on a few helpful tips to other young players. There is no great magic about it - like everything else it's practice, practice and practice."

The England captain, who scored the crucial last-minute goal against Greece to secure the team's World Cup place, will lead out the team today (Saturday) for the friendly against Sweden at Old Trafford.

He describes the new coach, Sven Goran Erikkson as ' a great man and a great coach' and added: "Look how all the players have responded. He has just given me confidence to grow into the role and express myself both on and off the pitch."

A spokeman for Rage said: "We believe that David Beckham Soccer truly reflects the talents of a uniquely gifted footballer and as well as being fun to play gives a fantastic insight into how he has become one of the world's greatest players.

"He is undoubtedly the biggest football name in the world at the moment and there are millions of people in every corner of the world mesmerised by his talent. He is a football genius."

NOTE: David Beckham Soccer will be available from November 23rd on Sony PlayStation One (£29.99) and Nintendo Game Boy Advance (£34.99). For more up to date information see

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