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Gamers Crave Classics For The Game Boy Advance

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2001 @ 10:03 a.m. PST

GRAND THEFT AUTO has topped the polls in online games retailer gameplay's latest poll to find which classic game gamers would most like to see released for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Following the superb conversion of Doom onto the GBA, Gameplay has been asking visitors to its website which other classics they are craving to see on the GBA.

It was Grand Theft Auto that blew away the opposition with 32.5% of the total 2518 votes. The results have been passed on to Take 2, who have promised to look into a GBA version - so keep your fingers crossed.

In second place with 21% of the votes was Elite, in many people’s opinion one of the all-time greatest games in gaming history. Gameplay has some fantastic news for Elite fans - when Gameplay contacted Frontier Development with the results, it seemed that they had been thinking along the same lines as Gameplay’s voters. Frontier Development gladly informed Gameplay that they’ve been planning a GBA version of Elite for some time and are just about ready to begin talks with publishers.

Other classic games that featured in Gameplay's poll were; Tempest 2000; Barbarian; Monkey Island; Sim City; Civilisation; Stunt Car Racer and Paranoid.

The full results are below:

Game Votes Percent Grand Theft Auto 818 32.49% Elite 525 20.85% Tempest 2000 364 14.46% Barbarian 226 8.98% Monkey Island 214 8.50% Sim City 189 7.51% Civilisation 85 3.38% Stunt Car Racer 76 3.02% Paranoid 21 0.83% Total 2518




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