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Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2001 @ 10:32 a.m. PST

The Starfighter flight-action game series returns with the power of the Force in Jedi Starfighter. Inspired by the success of its predecessor, Jedi Starfighter features the sleek and agile new Jedi starfighter from the upcoming motion picture Star Wars II:Attack of the Clones. The game, expected Spring 2002 on PS2, also marks the first-ever availability of Force powers in a Star Wars flight action title.

Jedi Starfighter presents 15 exhilarating one and two-player cooperative story-based missions set amidst a variety of new and beautifully rendered worlds and environments, as featured in Attack of the Clones. In addition to the Jedi starfighter, players can battle in three other original heavily armed and highly maneuverable craft, the Havoc, Zoomer and Freefall. Missions take place over land and in space, with players skirmishing against more than 40 starships and capital-class vessels – including some notable enemy craft from the upcoming Star Wars film.

“Jedi Starfighter presents gamers with their first opportunity to experience the richness of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,” says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. “Not only does the game introduce players to locations and craft from the movie, its gameplay expands beyond the story line of the film itself and develops characters established in STAR WARS Starfighter.”

A key highlight of Jedi Starfighter is the presence of its swift and stealthy namesake craft from Attack of the Clones. The Jedi starfighter is the ship of choice for the Jedi, and unlike any other in the Star Wars universe. By virtue of a Jedi pilot, players will have a variety of unique Force powers at their fingertips throughout various points in the game. Force lightning saps the power systems of enemy ships and renders pilots unconscious. Force shield creates an energy barrier that deflects laser blasts. Force reflex simulates exaggerated reflexes and perception of the Jedi Knight pilot by putting the world in slow motion while the Jedi starship retains normal turning and shooting abilities. Force shockwave produces a powerful energy surge, which radiates multi-directionally.

Jedi Starfighter follows the dramatic exploits of two unlikely heroes, Jedi Master Adi Gallia and alien pirate Nym, who forge an alliance to fight the nefarious Captain Cavik Toth, his Sabaoth Squadron, and the evil Trade Federation. The game’s intriguing narrative is original, though it intersects with key events from Attack of the Clones, including the climactic battle. In the game Adi’s mission is to foil a plot that could spell certain doom for the Jedi. Nym, the skillful Havoc pilot from STAR WARS Starfighter, fights to reclaim the home planet from which the Trade Federation so cruelly drove him. Without the brave resistance efforts of Adi and Nym, the very existence of the Jedi Knights and future of the Star Wars galaxy hang perilously in the balance.

Jedi Starfighter introduces players to the two main characters and their starships through a mini-training campaign. In one-player mode, players will fly as Adi Gallia and Nym. Adi Gallia, a well-respected and very skillful Jedi Master, pilots the Jedi starfighter. Nym, a former pirate who has become a powerful rebel leader, flies the Havoc, which has been upgraded from the original game with three new weapons: cruise missiles, cluster missiles, and proximity mines.

Two-player cooperative mode features additional supporting characters and ships. Reti, a crafty Toydarian, pilots the Zoomer, which is equipped with laser cannons and a chain gun. Jinkins, Nym’s resourceful right-hand man, flies the Freefall, outfitted with laser cannons and drone fighters.

Jedi Starfighter has a significantly enhanced 3D game engine and will deliver cutting-edge, realistic graphics, spectacular effects, greater gameplay depth, and vastly improved performance. The game’s engine is capable of rendering truly expansive environments and extraordinarily detailed craft, providing players with an incredible sense of immersion and realism.



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