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Cool Beans Takes Wrestling To The Extreme - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 12, 2001 @ 2:13 p.m. PST

From the fevered imaginations of Cool Beans Productions and the UK’s finest comic creators comes WRESTLING WARS, a no-holds-barred futuristic spin on the ever-popular “sports entertainment” genre.

Wrestling Wars is set on a twisted, manic version of our own near-future earth. It focuses on the ultimate combat sport, bringing together a dizzying variety of creatures, cyborgs and freaks to fight in bouts that makes the WWF look like a teddy bears picnic! With a line up that includes seriously psychotic characters like Kid Raptor, 2-Ton, X-Cavator, Miss Plastic Elastic and the mysterious Black Atom, Wrestling Wars is poised to be the logical progression for the world’s grapple-obsessed youth.

The Wrestling Wars series will debut exclusively on as a high-octane computer animated adventure featuring pacy, hip scripting by Ian Edginton (Planet of the Apes, X-Force, Terminator, Aliens Vs Predator, The Establishment) and character designs from Simon Bisley (Lobo, Batman/Judge Dredd, DeathDealer). Talks are underway with a top secret wrestling federation to bring live action Wrestling Wars to the UK, and legendary artist Simon Bisley is so excited by the concept that he now plans to enter the ring himself – just as soon as he can think of a cool wrestling name!

Wrestling Wars is also in development as a CGI animated TV show, and partners are being sought to develop the series for the videogame market. “The crossover potential for this franchise is huge” said Dan Whitehead, Marketing Manager at Cool Beans Productions, “The combination of brutal monster wrestling, cutting edge computer animation and the incredible visual style, presents so many possibilities. Action figures, games, TV shows – the sky’s the limit!”

Exclusive preview artwork and animation is available on request from Cool Beans Productions.

About Cool Beans Productions
As one of the UK's leading players in digital content creation, Cool Beans Productions has a wealth of experience in bringing ideas and concepts to life in both 2D and 3D and also for wireless platforms such as WAP and PDA's. Applying the same software technology that was used by Pixar in “Toy Story” and “A Bug's Life”, we create breathtaking computer generated (CG) visuals and animation for leading new media and entertainment companies. May 2001 saw the launch of the eagerly awaited CoolBeansWorld™ a dark and gritty experience that redefines famous comic book heroes and stories, featuring exclusive new material by top writers and artists in the comic book business such as Simon Bisley, Pat Mills and Kevin Eastman.


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