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Atari Hit on Xbox Creates Demand On Other Consoles

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2001 @ 7:20 p.m. PST

PS®2 owners will soon be able to hang ten on the same gnarly curls that until now, only Xbox® owners have enjoyed. Infogrames, Inc., a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that the genre-defining action sports game, TransWorld Surf™, will make its PS 2 debut in Spring 2002. Falling under the newly reinvented Atari brand, TransWorld Surf for PS 2 will include an exclusive new location and multiplayer mode as well as updated surfer licenses.

“TransWorld Surf has taken the gaming industry by storm with its incredible graphics and lifelike gameplay physics. The next logical step was to offer it to an even broader audience by bringing it to PlayStation 2,” said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for Infogrames’ Los Angeles label. “TransWorld Surf immerses players into the surfing lifestyle like no other game. With the addition of the Todos Santos, Mexico location, the Shark Attack multiplayer mode and updated sponsors and licenses, PlayStation 2 owners are in for an insanely addictive and unique gaming experience.”

Working from start to finish with TransWorld Media, publisher of the world’s most popular action sports publications, provided access to the world’s best professional surfers, the most sought­after surfing event locations and authentically licensed gear. With true-to-life ocean wave physics, a huge array of tricks to perform and seven gameplay modes, TransWorld Surf brings gamers deeper into the world of professional surfing than anything before it.

Players assume the identity of one of 13 top-ranked surfers like Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, and many more to compete in a ten-city tour sponsored by TransWorld Surf magazine. Locations include Pipeline (Hawaii), Teahupoo (Tahiti), Kirra Point (Australia) and the all new PlayStation 2-exclusive location, Todos Santos (Mexico), renowned for its giant and incredibly choppy waves. At each location, surfers must successfully complete a basic photo shoot before moving on to the competition. They will also face goal challenges such as completing trick combinations or freeing trapped dolphins from fishing nets.

TransWorld Surf features seven unique gameplay modes, including single-player ProTour, Freesurf and Single Session modes, as well as two person multiplayer Freesurf, Competition, King of the Wave and the all new Playstation 2-exclusive Shark Attack mode. Shark Attack plays like “Tag” on the ocean -- the ultimate goal is to avoid being “it” longer than the other surfers. The game starts when all surfer pull their first trick. The scores for that trick are compared, and the surfer with the lowest score wipes out and becomes the “shark.” At the end of the event, the surfer with the least amount of time as the shark wins.

In all gameplay modes, players interact with other surfers, animals and objects including porpoises, bodyboarders, boats and more. TransWorld Surf also features the Karma Meter, which tracks whether players interact with objects and people politely, leading to good karma, or rudely, leading to bad karma. Keeping the meter high in the “Good Karma” area will lead to a better ride ­ other surfers will keep clear of the player’s path and the sharks in the surf will not attack.

Developed by the incredibly talented minds -- and hardcore surfers -- at the San Diego-based Angel Studios, TransWorld Surf features the most groundbreaking water technology ever seen in a video game. Currently available for Xbox, Transworld Surf for PlayStation 2 will be released in Spring 2002.

About TransWorld Media
TransWorld Media, a division of Time4 Media™ based in Oceanside, CA, is a leading publisher of young men’s special interest publications reaching more than 4.5 million Generation Y males. Properties include TransWorld Snowboarding, TransWorld Snowboarding Business, Freeze, TransWorld SKATEboarding, Skateboarding Business, TransWorld SURF, TransWorld SURF Business, TransWorld STANCE, TransWorld Motocross, Ride BMX, TransWorld BMX and BMX Business. Time4 Media is a subsidiary of Time Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc.(NYSE: AOL).


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