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This Winter’s Essentials For Operation Flashpoint

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2001 @ 6:59 p.m. PST

Codemasters has released a wealth of resources to support its military blockbuster Operation Flashpoint over the winter holidays. A new multiplayer demo, a new Upgrade and Gold Upgrade now available to buy as a download.

A new standalone multiplayer demo of the game with massively enhanced netcode is now available for free download from HERE.

Sample military survival multiplayer style with an all-new standalone playable demo of Operation Flashpoint.
The new team-based demo provides the chance to compete in two missions, in which gamers can play as part of an infantry squad. In “City Conflict”, the squad’s mission is to enter and hold a city while preventing the opposing squad from taking control of the city’s flag points. Each time a flag is taken, the capturing team gets a point. In “Capture the Flag”, the objective is to steal the enemy flag and return it to your flag point. Each time a flag is captured the capturing team gets a point. Points are also awarded for neutralizing enemies but a flag can only be captured if your own flag is on the pole at the time.

The demo supports between 2-8 players on a LAN or across the Internet and a server connection of at least 128Kbps is recommended for Internet hosts. The full Operation Flashpoint game can be played via a dedicated server for significantly increased performance.

The final Upgrade for the full game is available for free download from HERE

Upgrade 4 is the final Flashpoint Upgrade release. The Upgrade contains a dramatic new multi-player mission and further enhances network code.

A downloadable version of Operation Flashpoint Gold Upgrade, containing the new Red Hammer campaign, is now available online from HERE

For just a nominal fee, via online payment on installation, players get Red Hammer, an entirely new 20 mission campaign that has the player fighting as part of the Soviet force. The download also includes a 64-page Operation Flashpoint Prima Strategy Guide (supplied as a PDF file), providing expert tactical guidance and mission editor tips.

To use the downloadable Gold Upgrade, players must be using the full Operation Flashpoint game upgraded to version 1.3.

About Codemasters
Established in 1986, UK-based Codemasters is one of Europe's best-selling and profitable game-makers, developing and publishing titles for the console platforms and PC. Codemasters’ products first appeared on US retail shelves in 1999 and since then they have continued to provide energetic, compelling and innovative entertainment to gaming fans of all genres. The company’s 2001 offerings included Blade of Darkness and Operation Flashpoint, both of which met with critical acclaim and enormous consumer praise. Richard Darling, the company’s Design Director and co-founder, is renowned as one of the most prolific game designers and has been involved in the creation of 60 of the company’s staggering #1 titles in the UK. In keeping with the company's mission to remain on the crest of the gaming wave, Codemasters is developing games for online and next generation platforms. Additional information about the company/products GO HERE.


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