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'Soldier of Fortune Gold' on PlayStation 2 - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2001 @ 7:11 p.m. PST

Hired to hunt, paid to kill - Soldier of Fortune - Gold, the best-selling first-person shooter, is coming to PlayStation 2. Codemasters has secured from Majesco Sales Inc the European publishing rights to Raven Software's 18-rated classic.

With the atmosphere of a blockbuster action-thriller, Soldier of Fortune - Gold plunges the player into a no-holds-barred modern day scenario. As John Mullins, the world's deadliest soldier of fortune, track down and take out a fanatical terrorist organisation with force.

Soldier of Fortune - Gold submerses Mullins in the deadly world of a gun-for-hire with covert missions spanning five continents. The game's 10 covert missions, covering 26 levels of play, take in the underworlds of political hotspots across the globe. As Mullins engages in sabotage, stealthy assassination, and full frontal assaults, it's the player's skill as a clear-headed marksman that separates the hunter from becoming the hunted.

Mullins has access to lethal weaponry including a sniper rifle, grenades, plastic explosives and prototype pulse guns. Real bullets do real damage; shoot someone in the leg and he falls, writhing and grasping his wound. Shoot someone in the head and he falls down dead. The detailed enemy characters have hit points all over their bodies; take aim and fire - whether an opponent is left floored or terminated outright is up to you.

Powered by Raven's GHOUL rendering system, the game displays unprecedented detail and realism in its creation of locations and character model animation.

For the player who could do with some target practice before setting off, the game also includes a tutorial option.

Codemasters will market the title conscientiously, with due consideration given to make potential consumers aware of the game's content. Carrying both ELSPA 18 and BBFC 18 rated certificates, marketing materials will promote the title as suitable for a mature audience only and the packaging will clearly display that the game features graphic scenes of animated violence.

With gameplay at the speed of a bullet, Soldier of Fortune - Gold will deliver the most realistic, covert-operative shooter on PlayStation 2 when it's published throughout Europe by Codemasters in April 2002.

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