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The Race Is On As V-Rally 3 Arrives For A New Generation

by Rainier on Dec. 21, 2001 @ 6:39 p.m. PST

Forget the sun block next summer - it looks like being a mud-spattered June for PlayStation 2 gamers. Leading interactive games publisher, Infogrames, has announced that it's driving the hugely successful V-Rally brand out of the garage and onto PlayStation 2 in June 2002; and with 4 million units already sold in the series, it's a welcome return for one of the most realistic rally games yet seen.
The original game debuted on PlayStation in 1997, and soon became one of the system's benchmark racers. The team that gave the game its good looks and great playability was Eden Studios, a major French software house renowned for its mastery of the racing genre. Having set the pace on PlayStation, the game exploded onto virtually every major format including PC, Dreamcast, Gameboy and Gameboy Color, and Eden went on to create V-Rally 2 ("V-Rally is back, and it's better than ever" said Official PlayStation Magazine). It is their expertise that now brings the all-new V-Rally 3 to PlayStation 2.

V-Rally 3 for PlayStation 2 brings all the tyre-spinning realism of rally driving into the home with an incredible range of tracks, fully detailed cars and a game engine known as 'Twilight' that brings out the stunning detail. With between 15,000 and 16,000 polygons per car, including multiple layers allowing reflections and dirt to be accurately displayed, and over half a million polygons per track, V-Rally uses the power of technology to create an exhilarating race feel that's both smooth and thrilling.

The tracks in V-Rally 3 are particularly impressive, having been 'hand-made' in 500m sections, with each track the responsibility of one designer. This makes for a huge variety of racing experiences with enhanced interactivity. There are many animated sections, with elements of the track now breaking apart when speeding cars slam into them.

Once again, the detail is key to this game, with high-resolution cockpits and all the progressive damage you'd expect driving at high speed through a range of hostile landscapes. Combined with the exceptional handling developed by Eden Studios and the addition of real rally car noises, V-Rally 3 is already claiming the PlayStation 2 rally crown.

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