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Might And Magic Turns Nine - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2001 @ 1:53 p.m. PST

Worldwide, broadswords are being sharpened, shields given a new lick of Brasso and beards excitedly fluffed as word spreads that Might and Magic, one of the most highly-acclaimed fantasy RPG series in computer gaming, is about to be given its ninth life with the release of Might and Magic IX in March 2002.

Might and Magic IX will stay true to Jon Van Caneghem’s original storyline and offer up to 60 hours of intense 3D gameplay across ten massive and diverse regions in the Might and Magic universe.

The adventure begins with the player’s party aboard a Viking-style long ship on a raiders voyage. The boat encounters some difficulty and runs aground on the Isle of Ashes in the middle of the Verhoffin Sea. The survivors are scattered amongst the wreckage and players must gather their war party, a combination of both player characters and non-player characters, and escape from the island in search of glory and riches…

Featuring Monolith’s mighty Lithtech 3D game engine and a magical spell combat system, Might and Magic IX will revolutionise New World Computing’s first-person RPG series with stunning 3D imagery. Might and Magic IX will also feature an intuitive interface with an all-new conversation system which, coupled with an additional 23 personal skills, will allow players to fully customise their characters.

The Might and Magic IX player’s decisions and actions will either bring peace or extended conflict to the medieval world. It’s fair to say that most will opt for bloodshed.

Might and Magic IX will merge the popular Might and Magic world and storyline with all-new state of the art gameplay when it is published by 3DO Europe for PC in March 2002.


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