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Float Your Boat & Have A Blast With The All New Worms™ Game!

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2001 @ 7:19 p.m. PST

Enjoy single and multiplayer fun with the twisted humor, classic game-play and barmy arsenal you have come to expect from a Worms™ series game. That's right, the Worms™ have returned for a brand new outing and for the first time, you play in real-time - and in 3d!

Product Summary

  • Duke it out big style with loony weapons in a wild race to sink your opponent's boat.
  • It's a battle of brains and brawn between yourself and an opponent using the wacky characters from the Worms™ universe.
  • Your aim is to blast a way through the field of cells commencing at you, avoiding fire from your opponent and all manner of bizarre, wild and ultimately vicious attacks from all sides, even below!
  • As with previous Worms game, the games' subtleties belie its simple appearance!
  • As well as the main threat coming at you, your opponent can take pot shots at you through an opening divider, lob weapons at you over the top, release submerged weapons underneath and even call upon the help of ancient sea monster.
  • Use your traditional Worms™ strategy skills to gain weapons faster than your opponent in order to sink him first, use lots of evil strategy and quick-thinking reactions to gain the upper hand.

Product Features

  • Single or multiplayer fun for all the family
  • Select from 8 Worms™ world characters including;
    Boggy B, the all-conquering Worms hero
    Stavros the Skunk
    Chuck the Homing Pigeon
    Ethel, the mad old woman
    Rocky the muffled concrete donkey!
  • Fire a multitude of completely ridiculous weapons including the fabled Sea Monster, Torpedoes, Meteor Storms or trust the faithful Holy Hand Grenade to deliver destruction from above.
  • Play in a dozen different locations with different sea life according to water temperature!
  • Modern styling with a classic gaming feel, easy to pick up and impossible to put down!


  • With the emphasis on playability, action and game play, Worms™ Blast comes from a fine pedigree and expands upon the award winning super playable Worms™ franchise, truly transcending age and gender boundaries.
  • Although traditional in appearance, Worms™ Blast uses an extensive array of polygons to achieve its animation & visual effects.
  • It's madcap comic violence and mayhem at its very best.


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