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'Jade Cocoon 2' - Just The Facts

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2001 @ 7:35 p.m. PST

"The Story of Tamamayu 2" is the sequel to "The Story of Tamamayu" that was released in winter 1999 for PlayStation and inherits the same world setting. The title was released in Summer 2001 in Japan and has been in development by the same team who worked on the first Tamamayu. "The Story of Tamamayu" sold more than 200,000 units in Japan and it is still keeping a good sales record in Japan as a best hit series.

Set centuries after the first Cocoon Master purified the wicked Forest Minions and freed his village from a sleep curse, this tale tells the story of a new deadly parasite called Kalma. Kahu, a fledgling Cocoon Master, must now brave the four elementally-themed forests and seek the Orbs of Cocoon Masters past before Kalma overtakes himself and the earth.
Within the intense quest for the four Orbs lies a unique battle system where you can capture hundreds of monsters into cocoons and train them from hatchlings to become your own greatest weapons. Join Kahu and his trusty companion, Nico, on their journey to rid the land of menacing monsters, find the magical Orbs, and defeat the deadly Kalma.


Once again, the game places an emphasis on the capturing and breeding of monsters.

- Game System
"The Story of Tamamayu 2" is a monster raising game, where, by fighting battles, you hack up levels; then by combine grown monsters, you make your monsters stronger. Forest => Battles => Level up => Combine monsters (At Kemmel T Temple) => Forest …

- Monster Attack Formation system
Group battle : 8 monsters fight against 8 other monsters. But no complicated gameplay ! The basics of this battle system is to spin the "Monster attack formation" table with monsters positioned onto it and choose the attribute. You can choose 4 attributes of earth, water, fire and wind.

- Raising System
The concept of the raising system is to "Refine the blood!" : raise your monsters and combine them! By building monsters in generations, you can create stronger and unique original monster.


  • A full-featured RPG set in a rich 3D polygonal world.
    Kenji Shimizu (developer): How does the character development differ from these hard-core RPGs? In the graphic point of view, Jade Cocoon can be positioned as opposite that of Final Fantasy's. What we have aimed here is not how to make it look as realistic as possible, but "super deformed" space and people. This "super deformation" applies to characters. Many of the characters that exchange conversation with the main characters are the "super deformed" characters of various types.
  • Katsuya Kondo as a character designer
    Kondo comes from famous Studio Ghibli, considered the Disney of Japan (also worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke cartoons). He is perfectly recreating the "Kondo world" in this title.
  • Monsters, seven times as many as last game
    The type of monsters is seven times as many as the previous game. More than 200 species of monsters.
  • Innovative combat system - Capture and cross-breed these monsters to create billions of your own warriors.
    - Battle with up to 8 monsters at a time.
    - Special 2-player battle mode allows you and a friend to pit your creatures against each other.
  • Make your original monster
    By combining the monsters and raising them, you can customize your
    own monster. You can create your own original monster.

- A deep and engaging story told with over 200 event scenes, over 20 times more than in the original. There are 42 main event scenes and 189 sub-event scenes. Compared to last version which only had 9 stories, the volume boosted up.

  • Sequel to the successful game on PSX
  • A talented development team (well-known designer)
  • Innovative gameplay features
  • Up to 2 players

Enter the haunting world of Jade Cocoon 2 and experience a fantasy RPG of boundless possibilities!

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