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Panzer Front Bis - Screens Gallery

by Rainier on Dec. 6, 2001 @ 10:45 a.m. PST

Coming to PSOne is the sequel to one of the greatest war games available on console. Panzer Front Bis brings you the ultimate in WW II tank combat with even more missions, more tanks and more environments.

Panzer Front Bis takes the great gameplay and fantastic attention to detail of the original game and adds a host of new features. Introducing a number of improvements including full speech for tank crews and a fantastic new construction mode to build your own missions and scenarios. With a number of preset maps to tackle and an infinite amount to create you can literally build your own version of Panzer Front.

The enemy AI has also been improved leading to even more tense battles in war torn Europe. Panzer Front Bis has a level of detail that astounds on continued play and leaves other war games floundering in it's wake. Pushing the PSOne to its very limits Panzer Front Bis has over 35 missions and more than 45 tanks to conquer Europe.

Official Website .. Click HERE


  • Full speech, hear your tank crews in action during battle.
  • New Construction mode featuring fully customisable missions and tanks. Adjust the Weather, Time of Day, Country, Mission Objectives and a host of other features to create the ultimate tank fest.
  • All new tanks and Missions, including Japanese and U.S additions.
  • Improved graphics and effects as well as 3 difficulty levels.


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